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Message to all Filipinos

I got this open letter via one of my mailing lists, and I’m sharing it here now because it deserves to be read by as many Filipinos as possible. Contained in this open letter are brave and insightful thoughts, written anonymously. To all Filipinos Everywhere: I used to think that corruption and criminality in the […]

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Kumon offers free trials nationwide

Kumon Philippines will be offering for free its Math and Reading Programs in all its centers nationwide on September 17-30, 2009 to allow more Filipino children and their parents to experience the benefits of the widely-recognized Kumon method. The free trial campaign allows interested students to go through the same learning routine as regular Kumon […]

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Animo Ateneo!

Just last night, I was reminiscing my college days with a friend of mine, Ryan from London, who’s now taking up medicine back in England. Today, I got an email from another friend about the Top 20 Universities in the Philippines. According to the email (and to numerous other blogs that have carried this piece […]

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Technology isn’t blind

Attending the launch of MTC Academy‘s Basic Medical Transcription for High School program today, I met a young woman who, despite her visual impairment, was going to enroll at MTC to become a medical transcriptionist. Honey Paula is totally blind, and yet she uses the computer as well as any sighted person. According to Dr. […]

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