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Christmas break

Had a wonderful night-out with a close friend of mine last night. Pam’s been in Cagayan de Oro all these years, so we rarely see each other anymore. So we made sure to spend some quality time together yesterday. We met up at my favorite coffee shop, Basti’s, then proceeded to Nezz74 Café for dinner. […]

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My Brother’s Kitchen

I had a very satisfying dinner with three very good friends at a private restaurant last week. Couple Mandy and Maej invited Alex and me to My Brother’s Kitchen, owned and operated by Richie Ferazzini. It’s located in the Ferazzini compound in Bajada. However, it’s not really open to the public, and that’s why I’m […]

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Poker night

Last night I was invited to a press conference that was certainly not run of the mill. When Jojie (who’s actually my colleague of sorts as we both contribute to Sun•Star Davao as columnists) told me about it, she didn’t tell me what it was going to be all about. She just said there’d be […]

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Welcome to my spanking new domain!

After much thought, I finally decided to transfer my Davao blog to its very own domain: www.angdabawenyo.com. And I thought I’d change the name from The Davaoeños to the one you see on top of the page. I was resistant to move at first, because it seemed rather disloyal to just quit Blogger. But then […]

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Winding down

Last night found some of us tech-heads at a new coffee shop called Bruegger’s Café (yes, they will also have free wifi in the very near future). It’s in the Wheels n’ More Drive compound, beside another new establishment, called Hpnotiq, an interestingly-designed bar. Can’t say much about the name of this hotspot, but Wheels […]

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