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Davao F.A.T. Day 1

Yesterday was a successful first day for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DavaoFAT). The bloggers had been planning this for sometime now — although, it’s really no surprise anymore that it’s turning out well. The Davao bloggers group (instigated by The Usual Suspects) have been continuously active for more than a year now. Davao FAT […]

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Filipino fare @ Pinutos

Notice: Unfortunately, this restaurant no longer exists. It’s always a delight to discover little places with great food. And that was my experience when I went to Pinutos for after-drinks dining with friends. The place is al fresco, decorated simply — far from the look and feel of expensive restaurants, but comfortable enough. The food, […]

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Aseya @ Humberto’s

My brother Jake’s leaving for Manila already — moving up the corporate ladder — and so the family had a despedida dinner for him last night. I was delighted that Mom decided on Aseya, that Asian fusion restaurant in Humberto’s Hotel. I’d already tried their sumptuous Thai fare when they catered the launching of Suay […]

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Had lunch today with Andrew, Ria, Marc and Aileen at Boyd’s. I’m not exactly sure when this pizza place opened, but I think it wasn’t very long ago. The pizza was good! We had two kinds, but I wasn’t there when my friends ordered, so I’m not sure what they were. But both were really […]

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Barbecue craze

I read in Matt Mullenweg’s bio that he loves going around the world sampling barbecued foods and comparing them to his native Texas’ own variety. Well then, he should come to Davao and see how our grilled tuna and other barbecue offerings stand up to “the gold standard of Texas BBQ.” In fact we did […]

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Sagay @ Casa Leticia

I was just blogging about Karl’s (my previous post), and I realized I hadn’t written about this coffee shop / restaurant where I am now! It’s called Sagay (named after a place on Negros island, near Bacolod), Casa Leticia‘s lobby restaurant. The food here is influenced by the owner’s Ilonggo roots. Try their kansi — […]

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Belly’s Grill

Another testament to Davao’s being barbecue country is Belly’s Grill. I believe they opened sometime last year, but yesterday was only my first time there. The place used to be a pizza-and-beer joint called “Sage” (yeah, a few establishments in Davao do have inexplicably strange names). Now it’s a restaurant that serves mouth-watering grilled and […]

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Papa Ching’s Resto

My friend Ian brought me to this fairly new chicken place in downtown Davao, Papa Ching’s. I want to say straight away, their greaseless chicken is awesome!! It really was greaseless, and the taste was just heavenly. I don’t particularly enjoy chicken as much as, say, beef. But that experience last night made me reconsider… […]

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Davao cuisine

Happy 70th Araw ng Dabaw!!! In Davao there are quite a number of various cuisines to get excited about. There are several European restaurants: Claude’s le Café de Ville (French); De Bonte Koe (the name’s Dutch, but what’s on the menu’s Euro fusion); Picobello (Italian); and a few more. There’s American… hmm… McDonald’s? Asian, of […]

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