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Kangaroo Coffee Company

I was at a new café that’s recently opened shop in Davao, Kangaroo Coffee Company. It’s on Tionko, just after Bangko Sentral. I’ve been there twice already: the first time with blogger friends, the night before our flight to Manila last week, and this time with Bob Martin (Mindanao.com, Live in the Philippines, among others). […]

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Bo’s Coffee Club

The original franchise of Bo’s Coffee Club in Davao is at SM City. It’s on the ground floor of the mall, right in the middle of the walkway and near the atrium. This makes for a good vantage point for people-watching. :) There are now two Bo’s Coffee Club outlets in Davao, but what I […]

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Basti’s Brew

(For the life of me… my favorite coffee shop and I haven’t even blogged about it yet this whole time! Oh I’ve mentioned it here and there, but I realized just now that I hadn’t given Basti’s Brew its own post here. Shame on me!) Basti’s Brew Coffee Station has a role in the history […]

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Sagay @ Casa Leticia

I was just blogging about Karl’s (my previous post), and I realized I hadn’t written about this coffee shop / restaurant where I am now! It’s called Sagay (named after a place on Negros island, near Bacolod), Casa Leticia‘s lobby restaurant. The food here is influenced by the owner’s Ilonggo roots. Try their kansi — […]

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Coffee shop poll

In my old blog over at davaoenos.blogspot.com, I ran a poll called "Which is the best wifi café?" Well, here are the results after 41 votes. Of course it’s not definitive, but it does give you an idea, not of the best coffee in town, but of how many people access the Internet in coffee […]

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More places to go to

I’ve been preoccupied with my Japanese clients lately I haven’t had time to check out Davao’s newly-opened restaurants and cafés. But it hasn’t stopped me from noticing them. As soon as I have the time — and extra cash — I’ll sample all of these new places and their offerings. There’s Barbecue Boss over at […]

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Coffee culture

When I asked a Japanese tourist to describe Davao in one word, without hesitation she answered, "nonbiri". Relaxed. She was describing the general atmosphere, the pace of life, the way she feels whenever she’s in town. Many more visitors to our city feel this way. No surprise then that a coffee-shop culture has emerged here. […]

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