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Davao’s travel professionals

Tonight I was invited to the Christmas party of two long-standing tourism associations in Davao City: the Davao Travel Agents Association and the Davao Association of Tour Operators. DTAA and DATO did a joint year-end celebration at the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao, and inducted their individual sets of officers for the following year. I’d like [...]

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Air travel portal and then some

There used to be a post here about a website that offered deals in airfare and similar stuff. And then after about a month, I got an email from their vice-president for marketing asking me to remove the post and all links to their site. The VP said that it wasn’t anything to do with [...]

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Hof Gorei Beach Resort

Samal island is not part of Davao City, but is most accessible from here. It’s actually a chartered city now, and is officially called the Island Garden City of Samal. The past few years have seen a steady increase in the number of beach resorts on the island, the newest of which is Hof Gorei [...]

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Malagos Garden Resort

Malagos Garden Resort

“Oh, to be one with nature…” We Dabawenyos take it for granted that raw nature is never more than an hour’s drive away. But when out-of-town relatives, friends or business associates come visiting, we never fail to share with them what makes Davao beautiful. The most accessible are the beaches on Samal island. For the [...]

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Travel agents now refuse credit cards

The Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) has reissued a warning against the tacking-on of additional charges to credit card purchases. The reason for DTI’s move is that, many stores — especially small retailers — pass on the 3-5% charge that credit card companies levy on merchants. According to our laws, this is illegal.)

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Manado flights from Davao

One of Davao’s most personable travel agents is a very close friend of mine, Alex Divinagracia of Pacific Royal Wings. I used to be in the travel industry a lo-o-ong time ago, before I discovered the Internet and ultimately the then-fledgling IT industry of Davao. Anyway, Alex had just come back from Manado, Indonesia, and [...]

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New resort on Samal

Technically, Samal isn’t Davao… but I did say this blog is to be about the city and its environs, didn’t I?   So here’s something I’ve written about a new resort on Samal. It’s called BaliBali Beach Resort, and it’s a cute, cozy getaway. Please click on this link to read about the resort.

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