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Ban on plastics: how effective?

Today, the local government unit of Davao has begun imposing the ban on the use of non-biodegradable plastics and polystyrene foams for use as food and beverage containers, as laid out in the Davao City Ecological Solid Waste Management Ordinance of 2009. The City Environmental and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) is now tasked to monitor […]

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When is violence ever an answer?

I was shocked when I heard about Mayor Sara Duterte’s unconscionable act this afternoon. As a Dabawenyo, I felt deeply embarrassed that our city mayor could descend to that level of baseness. Whether the man who got punched (several times) by the mayor was out of line for his actions or not, violence is never […]

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How much more worse?

From the time I posted my Venice of the south? piece last April, Davao City has had a couple more floods, and Dabawenyos simply accept it as a fact of life here. But the other night’s flash flood — and the rain wasn’t even that heavy — caused loss of lives (25 as of this […]

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Davao to enforce waste segregation

The Davao City local government’s reputation as a strict enforcer of the law is legendary, owing most notably to its success in the anti-smoking ordinance. This time, the LGU is flexing its muscles once more. As reported here, Davao is poised to strictly implement a new city ordinance on waste management. According to the city’s […]

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Our new banknotes

The article below was released by the Kaakbay Secretariat, and written by Alain Del B. Pascua. Before that, though, I just have a personal note. I’m happy that the new banknotes are promoting Philippine heritage sites / tourism highlights. But, no Davao? Ok, there are only 6 banknotes and hundreds of Philippine destinations to choose […]

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Davao LGU: big brother?

What’s the fuss over e-cigarettes? The ordinance regulating smoking in Davao City is on its 8th year already, and Dabawenyo smokers have long since become used to the rigors of the anti-smoking edict. On the whole, I am not unhappy with the situation, even though I am a smoker. I was brought up to observe […]

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Anti-smoker ordinance in the works

Davao City has led the country in aggressive anti-smoking initiatives, foremost of which is the ordinance that banned smoking in many public places. Several years ago, Davao City imposed strict rules against smoking in restaurants, hotels, transportation terminals, etc. Eventually, the national government followed suit and made it into a law. Now, the city’s legislative […]

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