A Dabawenyo is not only the Davao-born, but anyone who professes a love of this beautiful city in the Philippine South.

Ang DabawenyoAng Dabawenyo is my blog where I express how much I love my hometown. Ever since I came into adulthood I’ve always realized just how much Davao has given me — a good life, the perfect setting for a well-rounded upbringing, challenges, opportunities, plenty of stress-free moments, friends. I am grateful that my family is here, that my grandfather migrated from Nueva Ecija to settle down in this peaceful and vibrant city in Southern Philippines.

You will find here not musings or ramblings (that could be in my personal blog), but how I view Davao — the city and the region. And the people. I write about my experiences that have something to do, whether directly or no matter how indirectly, with Davao. But don’t expect brochure copy here: I write about the bad just as much as the good.

Another blog where I write about Davao — that is, Davao food — is Davao Delicious. It’s my way of promoting the city through her culinary offerings.

To get in touch with me, please use the contact form here. Please feel free to leave me comments, suggestions, reactions, thoughts, greetings. I almost always respond in kind.

Have a nice day! big grin

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