New Zealand Experts to Talk in Davao

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Have you thought of working or migrating abroad ? Have you tried applying for work, visit, or migration, but got stuck?

Then this is one information session you shouldn’t miss.

Licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser Carlo Santos and the Former Manager of the New Zealand Embassy’s Immigration Section, Rainier Sales, are set to deliver a FREE information seminar this Saturday, 3 December 2011, from 9:00 am to 12 noon at the Metropolis Suites Hotel, J.P. Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City.

New Zealand employment opportunities

The seminar, entitled “Work, Study, and Migrate to New Zealand”, is the most comprehensive seminar series on New Zealand to ever reach Davao’s shores.

The seminar discusses options for everyone, for instance:

Nurses from all disciplines, including Nursing Students and Fresh Graduates, will discover the different pathways enabling them to find work in or apply for migration to New Zealand.

If you are a Nursing Clinical Instructor 44 years old and under, come to the seminar and find out how you can qualify for the migration stream with a 99.9% chance of selection.

Business Management graduates, Tourism graduates, Marketing Experts and graduates of any Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree can either find work or apply for immigration to New Zealand. Creative professionals such as graphic designers, web designers and animators also have tremendous potential for lucrative careers in New Zealand.

Jobs in the skills shortage list include Teachers, University Professors, Healthcare Professionals, IT Experts, Hotel and Restaurant Managers, and Chefs.

Find out how you can IMMEDIATELY bring your family with you to New Zealand and how, with the help of Uniwide Technical Services and Focus NZ, you can use existing policies to enable you to settle with your family in New Zealand within one year.

Made possible by the synergistic partnership of Uniwide Technical Services, Inc. (a POEA-licensed agency) and Focus New Zealand, the seminar is a rare opportunity to come face-to-face with experts and ask them questions about your career opportunities in New Zealand.

Furthermore, you can be assured that, as an agency of good standing with the POEA and with the New Zealand Embassy, Uniwide Technical Services will not sign on applicants unless your application has a very good chance of success.

The seminar is open to the public. Three easy ways to register:

  • Text Smart mobile (920)908-6978 with your name and indicate that you want to be registered for the seminar;
  • Email your résumé to events[at];
  • Look for UTSI Makati on Facebook and send us a message to confirm your attendance.

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