Why the new Kadayawan logo?

Kadayawan festival logo 2011 The Kadayawan sa Dabaw festival logo shown here is a let-down — to say the least — for about 300 respondents who answered a survey I ran via the Kadayawan Festival facebook page from last week. (Click here to see the poll — and feel free to chime in.) I held off writing about it until I got the pulse of the people, so to speak.

This year’s festival director, Lisette Marques, showed the logo to me a few days before it was publicized, and I told her right then and there: it’s going to get a lot of negative vibes. And it seems I was right. Like many later on, I asked her then why the logo needed to be changed. In her best estimation, she said the decision to change the logo came “from the top” and most probably had to do with the city’s current branding efforts.

Kadayawan logo 2008 I remember back in 2008, the original logo was modified to give it a more updated look — but even that failed because the result looked like a half-baked effort at making the festival branding fly.

The aforementioned branding efforts, unfortunately, might suffer a major blow if Kadayawan 2011’s festivities are tainted by an ill-received symbolic image. Many of those who answered “I don’t like it” in the facebook survey lament the logo’s lack of festiveness, its bland appearance, the complete departure from its purpose of making the Kadayawan sa Dabaw a recognizable event in the country. Others expressed disillusionment, and still others conveyed confusion over the unexpected mutilation of the 20-year-old festival’s banner.

Sun•Star Davao, in its 29 July 2011 editorial, brands the switcheroo an unnecessary political gambit by the local powers-that-be. “How insecure to paint an already popular festival with the color of politics as if the present mayor needs the popularity of Kadayawan to prop up her own.” The paper was alluding to Mayor Sara Duterte’s notoriety (or popularity, if you think the mayor’s violence was acceptable), acquired from the very start of this month.

I personally have no knowledge whether the new logo’s particular hue of green simply coincided with the Duterte campaign color, or it was intentional. Either way, “the logo sucks,” to quote a Dabawenyo facebook user.

And what about the new tagline?

Kadayawan sa Dabaw used to be tagged “the festival of festivals”. Now it’s being touted as “the king of festivals”. Several people seem to like it, possibly because they believe Dabawenyos should aim high. On the other hand, some feel that the claim is a bit too much. Especially with a new logo that’s far from being kingly.

My personal view, which was formed and has not changed since I saw the logo for the first time, is this: It is completely unacceptable as a representation of the Kadayawan sa Dabaw festival. It lacks creativity and fails to inspire pride among Dabawenyos. I’m afraid it’s not one that will attract visitors to celebrate the festival with us at all.

* * *

Allow me to say, however, despite my deep disappointment, I trust that the vibrant colors of this year’s festivities will more than make up for the drabness of this monochromatic logo.

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21 Responses to “Why the new Kadayawan logo?”

  1. Randy C says:

    The only positive I can say about it, coming from my printing background, is that a 1 color (or 2) logo is much cheaper to produce in than a 4 color logo. This is important for businesses that have a lot of stationary type items, etc.

    That being said, to me it does not reflect that colorful nature of this great event and it’s unlikely that they will be printing many things that are not 4 color (though I don’t really think that was a factor).

    I hope they respond the feedback and come up with something else in the future, if not go back to the previous.

  2. kakuei says:


    The 2008 logo is classier, sans “eagle lurking in the background”
    The 2011 logo screams jeepney emblem “king of the road”

    The city should’ve done (can still do?) a logo design contest on Facebook, like what you did with the poll. And while at it, even crowdsource the city’s branding efforts.

  3. lewo naru says:

    kadayawan new logo is simple but fabulous.

  4. dabawenyo ko says:

    Ugly logo.

    No impact. No appeal. No application of the principles of design.

    Looks like a logo for an insurance company. Very dry.

    I think the designer was paid very cheap or just plain lazy.

    2 out of 10.

  5. dabawenyo ko says:

    pangit ang LOGO ingon festival of festivals asa ang festives didto?

  6. pinoy tv says:

    the 2008 logo is way better,sana di na nila pinalitan,parang di logo ng festival,parang logo lang ng sardinas razz

    • janin lee says:

      ang pangit ng logo… green na green…. parang pang campaign adds ni inday sara lang… =)

  7. ice says:

    pwede pa ba machange ang logo!!! Bilis, before the Kadayawan starts!!!

  8. Ronald says:

    Sana palitan nila ang logo b4 it’s too late, Davaoenos are disappointed on the design. Kahit sinong designer napapangitan. Ang color alam naman natin ang green that it’s for the environment. Ang design lang talaga…mukhang wala..as in wala…Ang color lang aside from that wla..wala talaga. As in nakaka inis, nakaka init ng ulo, nakakagalit, nakakahiya, nakakalungkot, nakapakawalang kwenta…pls maawa kayo sa dabawenyo, wag nyong tipirin ang design…sobrang daming magaling na dabawenyo sa design world class sana gamitin niyo feat nila para di naman masayang…

  9. I love Davao says:

    What a letdown. Tumatanda yata tayo ng paurong? Who did that shit anyway?

  10. DurianBaby says:

    My opinion regarding the design.

    Yes, its definitely dry. Its less impressive, less symbolic, less representation of Davao. Very much ad campaign like. Monochromatic in color. Very one sided. It does not speak of the Festivity.

    We are celebrating Davao not to show support for the Mayor because we already know that we have our 100% support to the Mayor. Celebrating Kadayawan festival means to be thankful of the abundance we always receive through our bountiful living. Not to show support instead of forgetting our past problems, past issues and previous debates. The designer should have made it more festive not an ad.

    I’m sorry but I am also disappointed by the design this year. It only shows that there is pride and allegation towards the design this year. Its not welcoming enough to invite tourists.

  11. Mitch says:

    Sorry but it doesn’t represent Davao’s Kadayawan w/ that dry logo. King of Festivals… Please.

  12. MindanaoBob says:

    Hi Blogie – when you tagged me on the poll on FB, I went and looked at the logo, and I really didn’t like it. Too drab, plain, very uninspired. I didn’t answer the poll question at the time, because I thought that you had designed it, and I didn’t want to be negative and possibly hurt your feelings. Now, having seen this article, I think we are both on the same wavelength with the design. I felt that the old logo was much better.

    • Blogie says:

      You’re the 2nd person to have thought that I was the one who designed the logo. The other guy actually voted “I like it” in the poll, but quickly changed it to “I don’t like it” when I told him it wasn’t me. big grin

  13. Ang pangit talaga ng bagong logo, as in super pangit. Bakit ganyan yan? Walang ka art art. Maganda talga yung dati.

  14. Aldrin says:

    Blog, I’m not sure but somebody posted on one of my comments sa Kadayawan 2011 fb page and admitted that he actually made the logo. A certain, Rony Cabasag explained that it was his concept and idea regarding the favorite color of the city mayor.

    But still, no explanation about the “pintik” in between.

  15. C.j. Larena says:

    The y in kadayawan looks like the devil’s fork and Parang nahighlight tuloy Ang “yawa”. …the old logo was
    Much better and more
    Festive lo0king

  16. Raynan says:

    Not much fun of the logo by the way, I just came from the indak2x today, I was a little disappointed, WHY? the kids are just either walking or running, not much performance on the streets on their part, since all the performance was to be held at the City Hall. But I hate to go the the City Hall since it would be much crowded their and if your not a member of any photographers association, you wont get a decent photo.

    But on the positive side, the students participating wont be too tired to perform once they reach the City Hall. They wont get burn under the heat of the sun (although it wasn’t sunny, the cloud was dark, and any time it would rain)..

    Maybe next time the event organizer might do a better job.

  17. Permskee says:

    Oh, that winged thing was an eagle? From afar it looks like a winged horse ala TRI-STAR logo. Sheesh.


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