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About half an hour’s ride by speedboat from Davao City is a charming beach resort that can melt your worries and bring you much-needed rest & relaxation. Leticia by the Sea on Talikud Island, Samal, is one of the many beach resorts now dotting the Samal coastlines, but it’s one of the better resorts in its class. In terms of location and amenities, Leticia by the Sea tops the others of its class.

Leticia by the Sea at night

Leticia by the Sea at night

Recently, the owners of the resort — who, by the way, also operate Casa Leticia, Tsuru Japanese Restaurant and Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine — hosted a group of bloggers and photographers to an overnight stay, which all of us thought was close to an enchanted experience. (Disclosure: I am related to the resort owners.)

Leticia by the Sea markets itself as an exclusive resort, which groups can “own for a day,” so to speak. Their most popular package is for groups of 20 who stay for a night or two and they get to have the run of the place exclusively.

I will let the following photos tell you more about the resort:

The idea is to get your friends or your family (or your organization) to own the island resort while you’re all there, with no strangers except for the resort attendants who are there to keep you reasonably comfortable. There are modern amenities that you might expect from a resort, such as clean running water in the bathrooms, privacy when needed, air-conditioning. There’s no wi-fi (yet), but I’m happy to report that all the mobile carriers do reach the resort and broadcast 3G Internet signals.

Aside from lounging and enjoying the idyllic ambiance of Leticia by the Sea, there are plenty of other activities for everyone on the resort. There are kayaks, jet ski, thrilling inflatable rides, snorkeling gear, and even an aquatic trampoline. But the best marine pursuit for me at the resort is scuba diving.

Just in front of the resort is a vibrant undersea ecosystem. Again, I will let the photos below do the talking. The first set are photos by resort proprietor, Ray de la Paz.

This next set is by one of Davao’s best photographers, Bing Peña.

(For even more awe-inspiring photography of undersea life in Davao’s waters, you must check out Steve de Neef’s account of the recently-concluded Philippine Seafari – Davao edition. He has a breathtaking collection of macro shots that will make you want to take up scuba diving and spend all your weekends underwater!)

That day we went diving, the sun was ablaze and visibility was excellent, which made for great photography and hours’ worth of underwater wonderment. It was pure pleasure observing delightful sea creatures and schools of varicolored tropical fish. (What I’d like to be able to do next is dive at night, when the undersea environment is bound to be drastically different and mysterious.)

The resort does not have its own scuba diving facilities. However, it’s very easy to engage the services of dive shops in Davao City. The Leticia by the Sea staff can arrange this for your group if you indicate that you’d like to go diving while at the resort.

Sunset cruise

Sunset cruise

One other activity that I vigorously recommend is their Sunset Cruise. You and your pals are taken by speedboat to the mouth of Samal Strait to view the sun as it sets behind Mt. Apo, with drinks and eats and soothing music on board.

To get to this tropical paradise, you have two options: go in style by speedboat, or by commercial ferry (which takes a little more than an hour). Either way, you will have to book in advance, because the resort does not allow walk-ins. Call +63(82)224-0501 or visit the beach resort’s website for more information.

They also offer day trips… But that’s not a good idea, because once you’re on the island, you’re definitely going to want to stay!

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  1. Nonoy says:

    Great experience Blogs. I am planning to go to Leticia by Sea anytime next month.happy

  2. tim says:

    this place is perfect for quite time and brain storming!

    Anyway- I’ve hear some news about you, veteran in blogging, cool. I just heard some rift about bloggers in Davao.. How true was it?

    Hope to meet and get some tips from you.. :)

    • Blogie says:

      Rift among bloggers here in Davao? It’s kinda true, I’m afraid. Can’t be helped, I guess, when malicious tongues start wagging. Not entirely true, however, if what you’ve heard was that bloggers here are divided.

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Tim! If you have questions about blogging or WordPress, just contact me anytime.


  1. Blogie Blog says:

    Scuba diving…

    I’m finally getting myself certified for scuba diving! Actually, I’ve gone diving several times already, two occasions of which I blogged about here and here. But the very first time was at Pearl Farm Beach Resort sometime in the early 90s….

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