Abreeza: all set for 12th of May?

Since about a month ago, the city has been abuzz with fast-paced developments at the Abreeza Ayala Mall, which is scheduled to have its soft opening on the 12th of May. Thanks to my good friend Moe Ordoña (who’s part of the team that’s doing Jersy Studio’s interiors), I was able to see the premises last night. Tenants, construction workers, suppliers, mall supervisors, security personnel, etc., were all busy and intent on making the deadline. When I left just before midnight, there was still a lot of people inside the new Ayala mall.

You see, tenants have been offered a rather hard-to-resist deal: those that open and begin operations on 12 May 2011 get to pay only 50% of their rent for all of 6 months. By the looks of it, I think some shops won’t make it to the deadline. And the mall itself doesn’t look to be quite finished yet, with only a couple of days to go. Still, as what Dr. Neil Oropeza said when I saw him at Abreeza yesterday, a deadline has to be imposed to get people to do their darnedest best to finish. Doc Neil is opening an OroDerm clinic there, and he is confident he’ll be opening his doors to the public this Thursday.

Here are some pictures of the soon-to-open mall, taken last night. I tried to take photos of the establishments rushing to meet the deadline, but I couldn’t get them all. I was hoping to bump into my cousins, Raymond & Christian de la Paz, who’re going to open Tsuru Japanese Restaurant and Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine at the ground floor. But I felt like I was getting in the way already, so I left after two rounds of the mall.

Will Abreeza be ready to do the soft launch this Thursday? By the looks of it, maybe not. But judging by the hive of activity at the premises, the purpose with which everyone moved, it seems they just might make a photo finish of it!

Kudos to the successful joint venture between Ayala Land and Damosa Land! Dabawenyos will certainly be proud of Abreeza and its beautiful space.

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24 Responses to “Abreeza: all set for 12th of May?”

  1. Nice! I hope to go home someday and check out Abreeza. Hoping to see Starbucks…

  2. Xtian says:

    I just hope they wont fill the foodcourt with "blah" offerings. There's always been a level of quality Ayala foodcourts try to maintain and I hope that doesnt change here in Davao

    • Blogie says:

      Well, what I saw at the food court were Savory, Smokin' Toppings, Taters. The other tenants didn't have signs up yet…

  3. rochelle says:

    Blogie do you know if they'll have cinemas also? I just hope there would be more international brands and big chains to make Davao at par with other cities.. .. wag sana mas maraming local tenants…

    • Blogie says:

      At par how? Why should it have to take having international brands or big chains to make Davao "at par with other cities"? If you come to think about it, the more local businesses we have that are active and productive, the better the economy would be.

      • rochelle says:

        Ok true din! haha!!

      • brandon says:

        Social Climbers.. hahaha International Brands para may ma window shop? as long as business is good/they can provide employment to Davao..

  4. rochelle says:

    Sorry, i missed the photo with the cinemas.. meron pala. That's great!

  5. anyabelle says:

    haha, ang cute ng bench mannequins. its as though they are to be unveiled as well. n nhmm… will paris do the opening of the store herself? hehehe…

  6. Jayclops says:

    May Italiani's and TGIF na daw…

    • Blogie says:

      Ah yes! Looking forward to TGIFriday's too!

      • Abby says:

        me too, esp Italiannis :) I had been wanting to try it whenever I am in Manila pero we always end up dining somewhere else. hopefully, now that it is in Davao, I can try it whenever I want :)

  7. Nonoy says:

    Wow ang ganda! Looks better looking than the Ayala Mall in Cebu. happy Sarap sana mag rent ng space sa 12th kasi 50% lang; but still can't afford it.

  8. PPV says:

    will starbucks be opening on 12?

  9. napz says:

    anong oras opening kuya?

    • Blogie says:

      Sorry for the super late reply, Napz. I sure hope you didn't go to Abreeza last Thursday and gotten yourself stuck in the traffic jam… Ako next week na siguro pupunta doon, when things have (hopefully!) settled down.

  10. guest says:

    hahaha dedz and blugre sa starbuko…

  11. White Knight says:

    Nice pixs. Well ideally the best time to visit Abreeza is after a month when most of the boutiques have already establish then. Basing on the pictures, as for me it seems Ayala Cebu is still the best (maybe i'm wrong). But I couldn't wait to see Abreeza…haha. Congratulations!

    • Blogie says:

      Thanks for your comment, White Knight… but, you can't just compare Abreeza with Ayala Cebu when the former isn't even completely finished yet. wink

  12. jinky says:

    wow, 'might visit Abreeza soon…ang ganda!

    • Blogie says:

      Hi Jinky! Long time no see! Sige, bisita ka sa Abreeza, hang out tayo sa Coffee Bean (hopefully open na sila pag dating mo). :)


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