Venice of the south?

Last Tuesday, parts of Davao City were inundated by floodwaters brought on by heavy rains that lasted for a few hours. Thousands of people were stranded that night, a lot of cars got bogged down with engine trouble, and many restaurants, other establishments and homes got flooded in.

When it rains steadily for more than an hour, J.P. Laurel Avenue, F. Torres Street and other areas in the city become virtual rivers. Here are some photos that Jojie Alcantara took while we were — thank goodness! — safe and dry inside a 4×4 on F. Torres St.:

The worse-than-usual flooding last Tuesday got people talking about the high tide, rising of water levels around the globe…. Whatever the factors that caused the flood, it was a glaring reminder that the city needs to address environmental problems that might turn disastrous in the future. Davao City’s growth is exponential, and with that come challenges in waste management, as well as in the management of limited resources.

Summer is officially here, and the summer rains have already announced their arrival. Thank heavens we don’t have typhoons here! Still, at the very least, something has to be done about the drainage system. Otherwise, when heavy rains are upon us, we might have to resort to riding gondolas to negotiate the city’s major thoroughfares.

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8 Responses to “Venice of the south?”

  1. julienne says:

    My entire childhood, not once have I ever experienced flooding in Davao! Times have changed… global warming or bad drainage??

  2. Cheche says:

    Overpopulation, downtown crowding, disappearance of those wide open spaces…same reason the city of Manila is always in danger of flooding after a few hours' rain.

  3. Rina says:

    Honestly, Davao should implement proper zoning and the city engineers must implement different strategy. Davao is becoming crowded as time passes. It is not the same as 10 years ago. While Davao still has time to prepare and has time for improvement, I hope they can do something about it. Sooner or later, the problems experienced by Manila will be the same problem for Davao. Manila is poorly planned that is why it is really crowded, traffic, hot and with high crime rate because of the so many squatters on the side.I just hope Davao will not be the same in 5-10 years. Although, the crime rate is low in Davao but we cant expect Duterte to live forever. So prevention is the key.

  4. Riz says:

    A typhoon free hub, yet even the smallest amount of rainfall can flood major areas in the city. Tourists traversing Diversion road from the airport can’t get through due to 4-5′ high floodwaters. Can this be solved? i guess so. The engineers in the City Engrs office don’t know what they are doing, and it costs the city huge amounts of money. Better yet, hire private professionals that specializes on Drainage Designs.
    Peace is good for business, but floodwaters can close it.


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