Davao to enforce waste segregation

Seal of Davao CityThe Davao City local government’s reputation as a strict enforcer of the law is legendary, owing most notably to its success in the anti-smoking ordinance. This time, the LGU is flexing its muscles once more. As reported here, Davao is poised to strictly implement a new city ordinance on waste management.

According to the city’s environment chief, Dominic Felizarta, the local government is now drafting the ordinance’s implementing rules and regulations (IRR). Once in place, everyone will need to comply with the new ordinance: basically, to separate biodegradable waste from other types of refuse.

I hope that there will also be measures to inform all Davao City residents of the proper ways to do waste segregation. During the first year of the anti-smoking ordinance, people were unclear about its IRR and this caused a lot of confusion. For the waste management ordinance, the compliance methods have to be made crystal clear, not only the accompanying punitive measures for violations.

I’m very happy about this new ordinance. Davao City is beautiful because of her natural resources, although in recent years I have seen much destruction of woodlands, mangroves, riverbanks… Trash — the need to dispose of it — is a huge culprit. According to the LGU, we produce 500 tons of garbage everyday. Imagine the complexities and sacrifices involved in disposing of all that trash!

If we succeed in doing waste segragation, however, we will be helping our environment tremendously. For one, we can implement recycling of renewable materials. And, we will be able to separate biodegradable garbage and treat it for proper disposal. This means that, according to Felizarta, the sanitary landfill that the city is using won’t be filled up for another 15 years; otherwise, without waste segration, the landfill would be completely used up in just four years.

The city will have a difficult time implementing this new ordinance, I think. I believe, however, that we will succeed eventually, after a period of painful adjustment. But it must be done if we are to protect our environment and natural resources.

I hope that Dabawenyos — and all Filipinos — will realize how important it is to preserve the environment. I hope that this waste management ordinance will open our eyes to more opportunities to contribute.

Personally, I have resolved to minimize my personal carbon footprint. I have decided to stop using plastics as much as I can: straws, grocery bags, etc. If each one of us contributed in a small way, the sum total would be a boost to the global effort of environmental protection.

Kudos to the Davao city government!

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5 Responses to “Davao to enforce waste segregation”

  1. Jovie says:

    Davao is fast becoming Singapore in the Philippines. This status can be attributed to the relentless effort of Local Government of Davao then and now. It's been years now since my last visit to the place where I was born. Unfortunately when I visit there once again I can't be the smoker as I have been hence the ordinance. nDavao was less desirable in terms of sanitation back then especially when you roam around Boulevard and Magsaysay, with the ordinance concerning this matter I became even more proud of this City.

  2. tox says:

    Ang linis ng Davao yan lng ang masasabi ko after roaming the colon area in Cebu=), peace……

  3. john says:

    pls post the 4 types of waste segregation and pls put some explanation on each type. tnx


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