Off to the USA

Hana, Markku, Blogie, Janette

Hana, Markku, Blogie, Janette @ Outback Makati

I’m flying to Washington, D.C. in a couple of hours, to attend a conference where U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will deliver a talk on global freedom of speech vis-à-vis the Internet, and where I’m to participate in a panel discussion on the same topic. It’s a great honor, and I’m looking forward to the learning experiences ahead of me.

There is also a San Francisco leg of this Voluntary Visitor’s Program that I’ve been invited to by the State Department. I will hopefully be able to visit the offices of online media enablers such as Facebook and Twitter.

I shall document my official business in America via, with the direction of my friend and colleague, Janette Toral.

And since I’m going to be in the States already, I might as well stay and take a short vacation, yes? Yes! So, my personal itinerary will include New York City, Los Angeles, and possibly a few more destinations. I can’t wait!! This is my first time to go to America, by the way. And it won’t be my last (I got a 10-year valid, multiple-entry visa!!) this year, if plans to go back in July or August push through.

My flight’s boarding in an hour. Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to “Off to the USA”

  1. Have a safe trip Blogs. Look forward in receiving updates about your trip and will co-blog at with you. Take care and see you soon!

  2. Major Tom says:

    Bon voyage Blogie, this is surely a milestone for you and for blogging in general. happy

  3. Wow, kainggit naman sir. 10-year, multiple-entry visa.


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