First time in Mati

Finally, I was able to go to Mati last Sunday (27 September). It was to attend a birthday party of someone I’d gotten acquainted with recently — two months ago I’d gotten to know a group of guys from Mati who’re living in Davao. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go sightseeing. I had planned on staying for a couple more days, but I felt a fever coming on when I got to the party so I decided to head back home the next day. (Good thing, too, because I did catch the flu and was bedridden this entire week!)

Mati City is the capital of the province of Davao Oriental, and is located about 3 hours (by car) northeast of Davao City. The roads going there are mostly cemented or paved in asphalt so it’s a pretty smooth ride all the way. In terms of economic development, Mati is about 10-15 years behind Davao… but who’s to say, really, if they won’t be able to surprise us and catch up in just a few short years? That depends on the city’s leaders, if they have the political will… but that’s another story altogether. The important thing to consider now is, Mati — despite its bucolic atmosphere — has the modern comforts that one might look for: Internet access, reliable phone lines, 24-hour convenience stores, and the like.

What Mati is known for are the beautiful beaches that dot the city’s coastline. Dahican, Botona and a couple of other spots are excellent nature getaways, and become surfing havens around September and October. For family overnight vacations (if you don’t mind roughing it out), the Cinco Masao beach resort might be a good choice.

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I’m definitely going back to Mati before the year ends. And from Mati, I’d love to take a road trip to the East Coast. There’s a town called Cateel (pronounced katee-il), north of Mati. It’s where my paternal grandmother hails from, and I’ve never been there — it’s about 6 hours away from Davao City by bus.

For me, aside from the sights (Cateel boasts of Aliwagwag Falls), what’s interesting in Davao Oriental is the prevalence of Dinabaw (or Dabawenyo or Camayo), the native tongue of the Davao region. The name of Davao City’s annual cultural festival, Kadayawan sa Dabaw, comes from the Dinabaw word “madayaw“, which means good or beautiful. This festival is the celebration of everything that’s good & beautiful about my beloved city.

Hopefully, soon, I can make time to go back to Mati and explore as many parts of Davao Oriental as I can!

Here are a few photos that I managed to take during my very brief stint in Mati.

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10 Responses to “First time in Mati”

  1. becky says:

    nice place…medyo malayo nga lang…hope to be able to see it too. last may we went to mabini in a private beach. i was amaze with the roads leading to tagum city. i do enjoy exploring mindanao. just this august i was able to see bukidnon, cagayan de oro, misamis oriental and butuan city by land travel thru davao city. nice places to see and explore

  2. Jenny says:

    hi… I am from Mati.. good thing you liked our place. this blog’s really helpful in promoting our own tourist destinations. Thank you!

    • Blogie says:

      Hi Jenny! Thanks for reading my blog. If you know of any bloggers in Mati, pls let me know. I’d like to get to know them. :)

  3. becky says:

    pag nasa davao ata ako nasa manila ka naman…hehehe…nung kadayawan nasa davao ako aug 15-26…hopefully kung matuloy ako baka this november. sana nga mag meet na tayo or you could meet my hubby muna, andiyan siya ngayon.

    ingat sa travels mo…

    • Blogie says:

      Thanks Becky! Sige maybe puwede kami mag-meet up ng hubby mo. Just let me know when and where. Hopefully lang nga nasa Davao ako. wink

  4. Monique says:

    Mati was one of my most memorable experience.

    We went to Gregorio’s, just beside Masao beach and went across that small island.

    I will never (ever) forget that getaway!
    At meron din akong pics ng sleeping dino!
    hmmm… ma-feature nga sa blog yun one of these days.

  5. Xio says:


    planning to visit Mati soon for first time.

    would you recommend us for accomodation kana duol sa white sand..


  6. Freddie Lore says:

    I also had wonderful experience in Mati specially in Pujada Island.
    Soon I’ll get my friends here in CDO to the wonderful places of Mati.


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