Kadayawan 2009 photos

Here are some photos of the Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2009 festivities, taken by Jaime Haw.

And here are a few blog posts and news items that have been published online:

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7 Responses to “Kadayawan 2009 photos”

  1. ayel says:

    Wow! ang ganda ng pics. love the colors.

  2. ceejay says:

    yung indak2x lang ang napuntahan ko… hehehe… daming tao sa pamulak

  3. faust says:

    ang galing ni jaime.. cool!

  4. Chester says:

    nice photos! I have a bunch of photos at my multiply site as well. :) would be happy to share them as well.


  5. sansan says:

    when is the kadayawan festival for 2010?
    thanks much!

  6. Sun Load says:

    Hmm.!.. it is a post I’m willing to take a bullet for. Undoubtedly hits the mark. I have some minor concerns but I don’t want to begin a long post and someone could possibly flame me. Just wish to keep this blog civil and clean. Wouldn’t like any hatemail would i? lol Keep it up!

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