Angel Aquino returns to Mindanao

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Film actress, TV host, product endorser, fashion model and mother Angel Aquino shares her life, her passions and her unforgettable return to Mindanao in the latest issue of m. (Life and Living in Mindanao). A CineMalaya Film Festival Best Actress awardee, Aquino was once referred to as the “Ingrid Bergman of Asia” by a renowned Japanese filmmaker for her versatility in her craft.

In its third release, m. goes west of the island to rediscover the Philippines’ Latin City, Zamboanga, and uncovers its irresistible attractions and nocturnal haunts. For the adventurous, m. treks to Mindanao’s offbeat destinations, drifts into to the tranquil waters of Lake Sebu to celebrate its Helubong Festival, and takes a culinary excursion to uncover Mindanao’s leading chains of restaurants.

As homage to extraordinary Mindanawons, m. celebrates the artistry of fashion designer Garimon Roferos who triumphed in the Concours International des Jeunes Créateurs de Mode in Paris; reminisces the life-changing expedition of Mount Everest conqueror Pastor Emata; traces the journey of peace of the all-women theatre ensemble Mebuyan Peace Project; and highlights the man behind the top designs of Cagayan de Oro’s contemporary abodes.

In this issue, m. also takes a peek into Mindanao’s thriving film industry; Zamboanga Peninsula’s thriving seaweeds trade; Davao City’s flourishing BPO industry; and the distinctive designs of local fashion designers inspired by the island’s famous icons and destinations.

Read, get inspired and learn as m. reveals an exciting, bustling and peaceful picture of modern Mindanao. m. is now available at National Bookstore, Fully Booked, PowerBooks, Forewords, Christian Ventures, hotels, resorts, cafés, spas, airport lounges and leading bookstores and magazine outlets nationwide.

(This press release was sent in by Ian Garcia, who is part of the magazine’s editorial board. Check out an earlier post I published about m.)

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7 Responses to “Angel Aquino returns to Mindanao”

  1. jehzlau says:

    di ko sya kilala T__T

  2. blogie says:

    Hahaha!! Maybe you're too young to know her. wink

  3. gloryrose dy says:

    I love ANgel Aquino. My sister Claire, the former editor of M is also a fan….Good Job!

  4. blogie says:

    @Mike — Hahahaha!! big grin

  5. Mike says:

    I want to move to the city she lives in!

  6. cecil says:

    I am a BIG fan of Angel Aquino because of her Filipina beauty.
    A great model, fine actress, and a good mother to her children.

  7. maimai says:

    i just read a issue of this and like before M magazine really gives informative issue about mindanao… i love all M magazine issue. keep up the good work.


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