Where is this?

A road in Davao

This is a road in downtown Davao City. Can you identify it?

Tell me where you think this is by leaving a comment on this post. I will randomly choose a winner from among those who can guess it correctly. The prize? A gift certificate worth P1,000 from Picobello Ristorante Italiano! Make sure to leave your active email address so I can contact you in case you win.

I’ll throw in an extra P500 worth of gift certificate if you can also guess from where I took this photo today.

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25 Responses to “Where is this?”

  1. issa says:

    hhmmm.. hirap naman netoh sir blogie!! suroy-suroy sa’ kog davao ani, hehe =)

  2. Blogie says:

    Hi issa. Sige lang gud, just try to guess. Malay mo makuha mo… :)

  3. Blogie says:

    Here’s a hint. If the photo had been shot a little wider, you’d see The Marco Polo in the distance…

  4. onyotzki says:

    jacinto extension?

  5. milcah says:

    i think it’s taken near the Central Bank…


  6. Ron says:

    along tionko st.(atbang na street sa davao city national high school), i guess between arellano st. and mapa st. , basta dira yatana…=p

  7. tina says:

    i thought it would be easy.. haha. looks familiar.. but don’t the name of the place. hayhay.

  8. Mindanao Bob says:

    Hi Blogie – I believe it is indeed on Tionko, looking to the southeast. If the shot was wider and you saw Marco Polo, it would be on the left side of the photo.

  9. cidz says:

    lisuda oi..dili pa gyud ko taga davao..haha!

  10. Blogie says:

    Keeping it coming, guys! big grin

  11. milcah says:

    may nkita aq n video…tionko st. answer ko po…

    email: shanibmak@angdabawenyo.com

  12. Ria Jose says:

    Tiongko or Tiongco? That’s the area near/in front of Kangaroo Coffee? razz

  13. Mindanao Bob says:

    I was really an agreement with what Ria said. hmmm…

  14. Ron says:

    Tionko Avenue =p (diria naay car wash, restaurant, balay, cafe, internet cafe, bakeshop, mineral water supply, central bank-pokpok mataggabii hahaha) murag atbang mana sa ordips cafe og bakeshop dira…naa ra between the st. i mention…razz

  15. onyotzki says:

    tionko avenue nga..hehehe…
    i think this photo was shot near v mapa st…
    tama bah?
    big grin

  16. Lazy Goy says:

    tionko st.. uhm.. harap ng sanny sweets :)

  17. Jay says:

    Tionko ba is the street on the way to City High? Then I guess that’s it, it’s in Tionko. I can recognize a jeep. big grin

  18. Jay says:

    Yes, Tionko indeed. My colleague who lives there says that she knows the residence that is obscured by humongous tree. big grin

  19. valQ says:

    It’s in Tionko Ave. between Mabini St. and V. Mapa it is near 8610 Resto. You are taking this shot from the corner of Tionko-Mapa and I think you are standing in front of Sunburst Restaurant there is a new building in there which has a coffee shop (Italian I think), forgot the name though. I used to live in V. Mapa where my aunt resides. The green trees seem to be the old World War II hangout (imnanan sa una) hehehe, if you try to look closer at the gate of that green portion near the Maligaya taxi you will see it (if I can remember it right). It is just near the corner of Mabini-Tionko on the right side if you are heading towards Quirino Ave. Right?

    Hmm, seems like your looking for a good/potential spot for biz establishment huh!. Good eye!!!

  20. duol na sa central bank sa likod.atbang sa rancho grill.atbang pud ata na sa sunny sweets.tiongko street cor.arellano st.

  21. Jonah N. says:

    Hehehe, this trees actually obscure my parents WWII house. We visit them there every Sunday.

    Nice Shot!

  22. Blogie says:

    Thanks Jonah! And thanks to everyone who chimed in!

    It is indeed Tionko Street, and I took the shot from in front of Kangaroo Coffee Company (corner of V. Mapa St).

    The winner, chosen randomy, is Jay. Congrats! (I will email you about the GC.)

    Guys, watch out for more Where is this in Davao? contests right here! big grin

  23. shirley says:

    cool game!

  24. Blogie says:

    Thanks, shirley, and thanks for your comments! :)


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