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With all the Internet-based services and new technologies available to the global audience, it’s rather frustrating that we still don’t have a full-service mapping system for Davao City. All we have available are tourist maps that aren’t even to scale, and road maps that aren’t really road maps at all.

The city government actually has a professionally-created map of the entire city, but they won’t release any part of it to the public. They say it’s for security reasons. One official actually told me, it’s to avoid having evil elements of society use the information. OK, that’s fine, but what about the other side of the coin?

What about businessmen who need, for example, to put GPS vehicle tracking in place? While GPS as a service is already available to us, the technology won’t be 100% deployable without the necessary geographical data.

Vehicle tracking is just one emerging requirement for companies with a fleet of cars and trucks and what have you. The technology behind GPS fleet tracking, even personnel tracking, is already possible at affordable rates — and it can even be developed locally. In fact, we already have a couple of local software development companies that are involved in such projects.

If only our local government would have a more forward-thinking attitude towards technology, they would realize that it is a tool that can greatly help in the city’s development in all levels.

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One Response to “Local government modernization”

  1. Mindanao Bob says:

    Hi Blogie – I was at the 911 center yesterday, and saw their amazing computer based mapping that they use for dispatching calls and such. It was absolutely amazing. One thing, though – businesses should not rely on the government to provide things they can make money with – like maps. With today’s GPS equipment that you speak of, a budding entrepreneur with only minimal funds could put together some very good maps of the city.

    It can be done without the government – somebody who knows how to make money with it just needs to do it!


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