Happy Father’s Day!

To all fathers out there, may this day inspire you to continue providing guidance, nourishment, protection and love to your children!

Although I have a feeling “Father’s Day” was just a creation of a certain greeting card company for commercial gain, I think it’s a good celebration to have. Fathers the world over should indeed be honored by their offspring and by their peers. While it is the mother who nurtures, I believe it is the father who gives direction.

Just like in my case, I learned to take notice of the small but important things from Mom. But the ability to see the big picture, I got from Pop.

My father taught me the value of patience, and how to persevere to arrive at one’s goals. He was the source of so many life lessons, and I am eternally grateful to him for all the strengths that I possess.

I appreciate the way that he brought me up: not with excessive strictness (although I did get the belt a few times), but with kindness and, when needed, sternness.

But one of the teachings that I attribute to Pop the most is open-mindedness. I learned from my father that it never pays to be narrow-minded, and that broadening one’s horizons is the sure way to succeed in life. He didn’t really spell this out for me, but showed me and my siblings by example. For example, he and Mom are staunch Catholics, but not once did I hear either of them declare anything against non-Catholics. And, I remember clearly one day when I was still in high school, Pop let me read The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.

Thanks to the examples set by my father, I live a life that is productive and meaningful. Although I will most probably never be a father myself, I hope someday I will be able to contribute to someone’s life as much as Pop has to mine.

* * *

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