Off to Metro Manila again

Ang Dabawenyo will be flying to Manila again, and the trip will be related to blogging again. Only recently I was in the nation’s capital for iBlog4, but I didn’t stay long enough to enjoy the respite. This time I’ll be staying for a few extra nights.

I’d expected that a friend of mine in Makati would put me up for the week, but that’s not going to happen after all. So, I thought I’d just look for an inexpensive hotel or inn. Come to think of it, it’s a whole lot better to not have to impose on anyone — and to avoid having to adjust either.

My flight is this Monday, and I found out about my sudden lack of accommodation only today. As I’d never had to stay very often in hotels in Manila, I had no idea where to book. Well, I got my airline ticket via the Cebu Pacific online reservation system, so why not do the same for a hotel room?

Seeing TripAdvisor and come out all the time on my Google Ads, I decided to check them out for ideas of hotel rates and accommodations facilities. You see, I didn’t want to go to big-name hotels, because I’m on a budget here. Both online travel-agency-type sites, however, couldn’t find a suitable place for me.

There’s another one,, which I’m now using to try and look for budget hotels in Makati. I like their interface, and the fact that they have online booking. Sadly, though, they only list “Manila” and all the properties fall under that. I find that I can’t do a more refined geographical search over there.

But I did find an inn in Quezon City through HotelsCombined, and I didn’t see this in the other sites.

I haven’t decided yet, though. I just might end up staying with relatives…

Anyway, the purpose of my Manila trip is to set WordCamp Philippines in motion. I’ll be meeting with collaborators and sponsors, as well as do a visual inspection of the venue.

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8 Responses to “Off to Metro Manila again”

  1. Nick Nichols says:

    Blogie – I used to always stay at Tower Inn in Makati. You can book through Tower Inn in Davao. Haven’t been there in over a year, but they used to have really affordable rates. Great location on Pasay Rd. catty-corner Greenbelt. Free wi-fi in lobby. If you can get in – I often found them booked up.

  2. cube says:

    That’s right. Tower Inn is very accessible within Makati area. Been there last month. Paid P1,900 for just 5 hours of sleep arghhh… and one more thing – knowing a lot for their staffs were from Davao it makes you feel at home all the time. =)

  3. Blogie says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Nick & cube!

  4. janus says:

    You were at iblog4? Wow! Are you with other Davao bloggers? Asteeg! haha.. And btw, I always see you at Bastis.. haha… Maulaw kog approach nimo.. hehehe…

  5. Blogie says:

    Yes, Janus, I was at iBlog4 with the Davao bloggers gang.

    Approachable naman ako ah… Besides, Basti’s is like my office, you know. :) Kaso nga lang, madalas maingay na eh no? Tsaka sobra nang mausok, parang gas chamber!

  6. Micamyx says:

    Kuya Blogie, Sama niyo naman si Janus next time para may blogger din from Davao big grin

  7. Blogie says:

    @Micamyx — Sige, I’ll get in touch with Janus.

  8. eric says:

    whoa andito ka naman manila ahaha


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