Kadayawan 2008 Calendar: 18-24 Aug 2008

Kadayawan sa DabawHere’s the schedule of activities for the celebration of Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2008, as provided by the City Tourism Office. I will update this schedule as I receive more information (not to mention, what time these events will be held). I’m also still trying to get some literature on the activities listed below.

This year’s theme is “Musanay Lumadnong Kagikan, Yutang Kabilin Panalipdan!

17 August • Sunday

    • MODA MINDANAW: Designers’ Cut (Gaisano Mall)

18 August • Monday

    • Festival Press Launching
    • HULAGWAY SA KALIWATAN: Indigenous Peoples Visual Arts Exhibit Opening (Museo Dabawenyo)
    • DAYAW: Kadayawan Festival Grand Opening (Peoples’ Park)
    • LUMADNONG KASAULOGAN: Indigenous Peoples Festival Opening
    • LUMADNONG BANTAWAN — Tribong Tagabawa (Rizal Park)

Kadayawan sa Dabaw

19 August • Tuesday

    • KAAN MINDANAO & LUMADNONG GAMA (Rizal Park, until evening)
    • LUMADNONG BANTAWAN — Tribong Sama
    • LUMADNONG BANTAWAN — Tribong Matigsalog (Rizal Park)
    • Tribal Mass Wedding
    • HIYAS SA KADAYAWAN: Search for Festival Symbol (CAP Auditorium)

20 August • Wednesday

    • KAAN MINDANAO & LUMADNONG GAMA (Rizal Park, until evening)
    • LUMADNONG BANTAWAN — Tribong Ata Manuvu
    • LUMADNONG BANTAWAN — Tribong Tausug
    • LUMADNONG BANTAWAN — Tribong Maranao (Rizal Park)
    • TUNOG MINDANAW: World Music Competition (NCCC Mall)

21 August • Thursday

    • KAAN MINDANAO & LUMADNONG GAMA (Rizal Park, until evening)
    • LUMADNONG BANTAWAN — Tribong K’lata
    • LUMADNONG BANTAWAN — Tribong Ubo-Manobo
    • LUMADNONG BATANWAN — Tribong Kalagan
    • SAYAW MINDANAW: The Mindanao Dance Competition (SM City Davao)

22 August • Friday

    • KAAN MINDANAO & LUMADNONG GAMA (Rizal Park, until evening)
    • TUGTOGAN: Indigenous Music Festival (Victoria Plaza Mall)
    • TUGTOGAN (Rizal Park and Peoples’ Park)
    • DAWOW: TUBOD SA SINUGDAN (Davao River Festival)
    • TUGTOGAN (Rizal Park and Peoples’ Park)
    • MODA MINDANAW: Fashion Night (The Venue)

Kadayawan sa Dabaw Kadayawan sa Dabaw Kadayawan sa Dabaw

23 August • Saturday

    • KAAN MINDANAO & LUMADNONG GAMA (Rizal Park, until evening)
    • INDAK-INDAK SA KADALANAN: Street Dancing and Festival Showcases
    • INDAK-INDAK SA KADALANAN: Street Dancing and Festival Showcases

24 August Sunday

    • KAAN MINDANAO & LUMADNONG GAMA (Rizal Park, until afternoon)
    • PAMULAK KADAYAWAN: Floral Float Parade and Competition
    • KALASIKAS: Music and Dance Concerts (Rizal Park and Peoples’ Park)
    • PASALAMAT: Dinner and Fellowship of Kadayawan 2008 Team (The Venue)

It should be interesting to note that, for the first time, the traditional Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan (“street dancing”) will be held from the afternoon all the way to the night. More teams, more color and creativity, and fiercer competition are what you can expect to see on this day!

If there’s an unofficial event that will take place during Kadayawan and you’d like for it to be announced here, please let me know!

See you in Davao this August!

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40 Responses to “Kadayawan 2008 Calendar: 18-24 Aug 2008”

  1. tj_brewed says:

    Wow…thanks for this calendar of events blogie! now i have an itinerary to show to my guests. Ive invited some to visit our lovely city for the Kadayawan!

  2. Mindanao Bob says:

    This is great, Blogie! I have been trying to get a Kadayawan calendar of events early like this for years now, but it has never been made available this early. This is exactly what is needed to attract more out-of-town guests to come and enjoy the festival!

  3. Blogie says:

    @tj_brewed — You’re welcome!

    @Mindanao Bob — I agree! Actually, this calendar was sent to me more than a week ago… At first I thought I’d wait for the times and descriptions before posting it, but then I decided to post it as it is and then just update it later on when I get those and other details.

  4. Anton says:

    Thanks for posting the link.. hopefully we can go again this year! is there another blogger event happening at the same time?

  5. Blogie says:

    You’re welcome, Anton. And thanks for the link from your wonderful blog! :)

  6. JedMeister says:

    tnx 4 this calendar…very useful indeed for my visitors…

  7. Blogie says:

    My pleasure, JedMeister. Please check back for updates.

  8. amelia says:

    wow its a surprise that you posted the calendar of events for the kadayawan festival this early hope I can visit davao puhon

  9. Blogie says:

    @amelia — Actually each year, the calendar of activities comes out early. It just so happened that I was invited to the promotions committee this year, and that’s why I was able to get a hold of a copy of the calendar this early. :)

    I hope you make it to Kadayawan this August!

  10. tina says:

    wooow. thanks for this!

  11. Blogie says:

    You’re welcome, tina. Please check back from time to time, because this calendar will be updated. Better yet, why don’t you subscribe to my feed? :)

  12. eric says:

    may launching ba ang kadayawan dito sa manila? if theyre going to be here for a performance, paki inform naman ako. i’d love to cover the launching here.

  13. Blogie says:

    @eric — I believe there will be a launching or a roadshow in Manila. Don’t worry, I will let you know.

  14. dolly says:

    Its great . . . all the schedules are good. . . may i know more about music festival. . . Is there any criteria for the participants? I envited a visitor from Florida, he is a singer and he is interested to join the music festival if he is qualified to join. . May we know some of the important criteria. . . . and what are the benefits of the participants in the event.

    Very respectfully yours,

  15. Blogie says:

    @dolly — I will do my best to find out for you.

  16. Madayaw says:

    Kindly visit kadayawan.com , the site is now online. Thank you.

  17. May says:

    Sorry pero wa man ko ganahi sa website. Pila na ron ka tuig, wa gyud na maimprove nang website sa Kadawayan. ngano wa na lang na gamiti ug wordpress? typical kaayo ni sa Davao, kulang ug hilaw nga preparasyon. Unta di lang ikasuko. nag-matinudanon lang ko sa akong opinyon.

  18. Blogie says:

    @May — Dili man gyud dapat ikasuko ning imong comment. Salamat sa imong opinyon. Ingnan nako ang naghimo sa website, pero di lang ko maka-promise nga usbon pa ni nila…

  19. May says:

    Salamat Blogie, Naniguro lang ko kay naa may uban dili makasabot :) Siguro man pud wa ta magkulang ug designers diri sa Davao nga puede makatabang ani pagdesign sa Kadayawan website. Sorry kung kinsa may nagdesign ana. Sa sunod tuig siguro puede na andaman ug tarong. Di man sa wa nako tagai ug bili ang hago ug panahon sa nag-gama nianang website sa Kadayawan. Pero sa ako lang pamati dapat pud nato itaas ang kalidad kay Kadayawan baya ni. Ang ako lang man unta, mas mutaas pa ang matang sa atong Kadayawan festival, syempre kauban ana ang website kay kini man nag nagsilbing pinaka “brochure” sa kadaywan ngadto sa tibuok kalibutan. salamat kaayo.

  20. jason says:

    May, buot pud nako na mas mugwapo pa ang kadayawan na website. Pwede ba nako mahibal-an ngano wa ka ganihi sa kadayawan site ug unsa ang imong basihan para dili nimo maganahan ang usa ka website? Alang pud ni sa tanan magbabasa aning blog.

  21. madayaw says:

    hi may. first of all, i’d like to assure you that we (developers of the site) are not angered at all by your comments. :)

    secondly, just to clarify, the website’s news section is actually made up of wordpress. :) the web team merely integrated it into the design. perhaps, the fact that this cannot be recognized so easily, suggests that the integration was done smoothly. :)

    and finally, the new website has been online for only a few days, so we’re on the process of improving it further. this is why we appreciate “constructive” criticisms, because we know it’ll help and benefit the site for the long run. so if you have any suggestions on how to improve the website, please feel free to email us at info@angdabawenyo.com.. and we’ll work on it. :)

    anyways, thank you very much for posting about the kadayawan events, sir blogie. as a dabawenyo we appreciate what your excellent blog has done for our community. :)

    thanks and peace to everyone.

  22. Blogie says:

    @jason — I agree with your sentiment. May?

    @madayaw — Thanks for responding to May’s comment! And thank you for your kind words.

  23. May says:

    Una sa tanan salamat sa positibo nga reaksyon sa developer sa akong mga comments. Here’s some of my observations on Kadayawan’s website

    Flash header-
    The Flash header is too clunky. Medyo off ang tinalak in that shape. Wa bay mas tarong nga photos? Kadayawan in not just indak indak.

    Unta giadjust lang man pud ang pictures the faces are too dark, at times they look too red or muddy. Mas nindot pa ni kung straightforward na lang nga slideshow with a fade-in fade-out kaysa canned transition. Ang pictures man gud dapat ang bida not the transitions.

    The Logo is very obtrusive. I’m not sure if you are trying to show the photos or the logo? If you are trying to show the logo then I think it failed. The logo looks diluted despite its gigantic size. On the other hand the slideshow’s impact is diminished because of the huge logo. I’m at a loss kung asa ang focal point niya?

    The background fruit pattern is a bit annoying. Mayo pa siguro kung non repeating na lang ang background and place it sa behind the header using another image/graphic. I know nga ang fruits would like to show abundance pero it just doesn’t cut it.

    Navigation – I have no qualms’ about using fruits sa navigation elements pero they’re to tiny nga mura na lang siya ug emoticons sa ym? One has to stretch ang iyang mga mata to recognize they are fruits. Please bear in mind nga dili lang mga batanon ang imo users :) also flipping left side as mouse over? that’s too lame.

    The links on the main page is not consistent. when you mouse over sa items sa Latest news the “news titles” changes colors (red) to make the user aware that it’s a link yet sa Major links: About Davao City, Hiyas ng Kadayawan and Downloads walay mouse over. sabagay minor ra ni, pero details ni nga dapat pud wa pasagdi.

    Typography – Medyo kulang gyud. Items like “Madayaw!” “Latest News” Visit Davao Now! kulang sa personality. Arial black is just not fit para ini. Typography if used properly can add finesse sa overall layout.

    Kulang ang pictures. Unta naa pud pictures sa ubang event. One week event ang Kadaywan and yet the gallery is showing only a one day event nga indak indak? Also sa typography, off ang align center sa captions cluttered noon kaayo tanawon.

    Overall the website looks like it’s stuck in 1998. It badly needs improvement in terms of design/presentation. Kabalo man ang developers kung unsa akong pasabot it’s not like wa sila makakita sa trends sa websites. Kinahanglan lang pud siguro naay comments to challenge them. :)

    When I say nga gamitan ug wordpress ang pasabot nako gamitan ug theme. There are free wordpress themes that has good typography ug design if you try to search the internet. You can always modify the theme para ma-customize ang itsura.

    Sorry kung brutal o pranka ra kayo ang ako mga comments. Ang ako lang intensyon nga mutaas ang kalidad sa website.

    Daghang Salamat

  24. May says:

    I’m Sure the developers won’t mind nga ako na lang gipost diri imbis nga i-email sa ila ang akong comments. para pud matubag nako si jayson.

  25. madayaw says:

    May, thank you so much for specifying which parts you were referring to. But as much as we want to work on what you want, the people who were in charge of the site was pretty much more than satisfied with the site already. That given, we decided to retain the current state of the site; since most of the site visitors gave good comments, I believe you are one of the 2 people who gave “constructive criticisms” for the kadayawan website, but as we all know “Majority Wins”. Again, thank you and always keep in mind an old saying which goes: “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.”. God Bless.

    PS. But not to worry since we’ll take your suggestions and present it to the Kadayawan committee.

  26. May says:

    lol @ “Majority Wins” wa ko magtu-o mura diay nag eleksyon. :) Oh well, wa man ko ga-expect nga inyo to baghoon tungod sa akong comments. Now at least naa moy libre nga feedback :) I should not expect much “Davao ra ni” :) nuf said.

  27. madayaw says:

    Exactly May, and you’re one of the dabawenyos yourself. God Bless.

  28. 2008 na di ba? ngano man ang design murag 1998 man ni? murag geocites ba. festival site man unta ni pero murag business world 5 years ago.

  29. kadayawan deserves a better website than this. murag magazine ba, dapat sa cover pa lang attractive na. not necessarily porn pero something that could ejaculate the reader :)

  30. madayaw says:

    To answer your concerns please read comment #25 “again”. :)

  31. maryg says:

    Mr. Blogie, thanks for sharing this calendar, i was really sad, kasi mga Feb to March 2008 sige ko search sa net, hoping to get the 2008 kadayawan calendar kay naka-sched ko mobakasyon sa davao by july-august. After 10 yrs, excited ko nga maka-witness na pud unta sa indak2.

    Since wala jud koy nakit-an, nag pa book na lang ko ug return Aug 19 (kay last year murag ing-ani sad nga week) hoping mga maka-abot ko. Then today, i found out sa imong site ang indak2 is August 23 :(

    I cannot re-schedule my flight, kay murag lisud jud kaayo mag pa rebook kung peak season.

    Hayyyzzzz sayang jud oi….. but anyways, thank you gyapon at least next time baka pwede taka e-email ? to check the sched?

  32. Blogie says:

    @maryg — Uy sayang naman! :(

    Yes, pls feel free to contact me via my contact form. I hope you get to see Kadayawan next year!

  33. eric says:

    yey lapit na kadayawan. may plane ticket na ako & hotel reservation!! blogie hope to see you there n dvo!

  34. Blogie says:

    @eric — I also look forward to meeting the most famous travel blogger in the country! Email me your Davao trip sked, ok?

  35. eric says:

    most famous? LOOOOL

    i will be arriving in Davao on Aug 23 first flight in the morning via PAL.

    leaving dvo for mnl via PAL on aug 25 last flight out.

    may plane ticket na ako. and ill be staying in Casa de Habana.

  36. Blogie says:

    @eric — Good! We will definitely meet up!

  37. shirley says:

    Hello! I’m glad to stumble this site. I’m really excited with the Kadayawan Festival this coming August and I really sked my vacation around that week. I enjoyed my 2006 vacation watching the parade and just having fun with all the festivities that my hometown offered.

    Btw, is there a parade too? I don’t see it lagi sa sked? Will that be that Saturday? I hope so!

    My whole family (4 of us) are excited to experience it again and this time, my hubby who missed out in 2006, will be with us so I told him, it’s an experience you’ve never had before we left Davao in the early 80s.

    So to all Davaoeños! Happy Kadawayan Festival! Madayaw!

  38. Blogie says:

    @shirley — Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. Are you referring to the florat float parade? It’s there in the schedule: Sunday, 24th of August. :)

  39. Sugar says:

    GRRRHHHHH!!!!!! I am from Davao, and from what i know for the last 20-or-so years, Kadayawan has been always scheduled during the 3rd week of August – which i assumed is Aug 16-17. I have already booked flights for me and my entire family – and worse, on a promo fare which is non-refundable and rebookable. Now how will i be able to see indak-indak?!?

  40. jun mark says:

    well, the kadayawan today is great…
    very safe as usual…
    ahh oh..it’s nice..
    a lot of people celebrate and it seems they were party people too..


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