Caffe Vivere up for grabs

Sad news — Caffe Vivere is closing shop sometime soon. Owner Mawie Bawar texted me yesterday and asked if I knew anyone possibly interested in taking over a restaurant business. Unfortunately, Mawie will be relocating back to Manila already, is why.

So, I thought it might be good to blog about it, to help her find potential buyers. Here are some information I got from Mawie. The establishment is located on Mt. Apo Street, near the rotunda. It is around 70sqm, with a mezzanine. It can accommodate around 30 people.

Food type: Italian cuisine with pasta dishes as specialty (excellent dishes!); high-quality coffee and fruit-based drinks, hot and ice-blended; specialty cakes (and they’re really good, too).

Inclusive in sale price:

  • naming rights and licenses
  • recipes of the existing dishes
  • tables and chairs
  • countertops and dividers
  • kitchen equipment and utensils
  • dining ware
  • existing decorations and supplies (food, kitchen, miscellaneous)
  • 2-week intensive kitchen staff and service crew training and orientation
  • finances monitoring system
  • list and contact numbers of suppliers

If you’re interested, please drop me a line, and I’ll put you in touch with Mawie. Please, somebody assume Caffe Vivere! Their food is actually really good, especially the Shrimp Diavolo– to die for!

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13 Responses to “Caffe Vivere up for grabs”

  1. Edith says:

    Can you tell me how much she’s selling her business?

  2. Blogie says:

    @Edith — She didn’t tell me. I’ll give her your email address so that you two can communicate directly.

  3. Gik says:

    hi :)
    will they still be open for business until the owner leaves? i was actually hoping to have dinner w/some friends there later would really be ngek if we’d show up and they’d be closed. i’m really dying to try the Shrimp Diavolo.

    if it isn’t too much trouble, i’d really appreciate it if you’d give me Vivere’s number so i could make reservations for later. thanks! :)

  4. Blogie says:

    Oh it’s still open! I think the idea is to keep it open, that’s why Mawie is looking for someone who will assume the place.

    Sorry, but I don’t have their number…

  5. Edith says:

    Hi, we are still waiting for the email but ’til now we haven’t heard from her. Please let her know we are really interested. Thank you.

  6. Blogie says:

    @Edith — I will follow it up.

  7. Visitor says:

    Is it still open? Has anyone assumed it?

  8. Blogie says:

    @Visitor — Yes, someone has already assumed this coffee shop.

  9. Martin says:

    Hi, does anyone else know if there is another cafe for sale in davao??


  10. sunjun says:

    Is it still open? Has the name changed?
    I tried to look for it tonight (Dec. 3, 2009) I only found Via Cafe near the rotonda in Davao Doc. I’m not sure if it’s the same place. *sigh*
    I’m a fan of italian food pa naman.


    would appreciate it if you can email your reply blogie.
    thank you

  11. mawie bawar says:

    hi Blogs :)

    thanks for blogging about the selling ha..i just found out about it when my friend tried to googled my name looking for my facebook nice of you :) m now venturing into cupcakes here in manila :) hope all is well with you and God bless :)


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