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I’d been planning a look-and-feel change for my I-love-Davao blog for sometime now, but I just couldn’t find the right timing. But when WordPress came out with version 2.5, I knew I’d found the inspiration and the impetus to give Ang Dabawenyo a makeover.

Of course, having a brand new logo helped, too! (Thanks again, Winston.)

Bueno, welcome to my new design! Hopefully, you’ll get to like it as I have. I based it on the theme called "Identity". The original, however, wasn’t fully compatible with WP2.5 — and it looked rather plain as is — so I had had to do some major recoding on the templates.

I did love my old theme very much ("Subtle for WordPress" by GluedIdeas), so here’s a tribute to it: a screen-capture of the blog just before I started upgrading WordPress and installing & tweaking the new theme.

Ang Dabawenyo ca. 04/2007

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4 Responses to “New look for”

  1. Mikko says:

    Congrats Kuya Blogie.

    Anyway, check out your screenshot’s MyBlogLog widget; I’m your latest visitor!


  2. Blogie says:

    Thanks, Mikko! wink

  3. @Mikko – di ah.. ako ang latest.. check mo ulit.. hehe

  4. ay sa screenshot pala big grin sorry ^_^


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