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Jehzeel and WinstonA couple of Dabawenyos have come up with a great new blog: PRC Board Exam Results. The idea germinated from the super-active minds of Winston Almendras (Batang Yagit) and Jehzeel Laurente (JehzLau Concepts). Only this month, Winston came up with the working site, with the objective of providing a centralized repository that provides nursing board exam results, among others. And then Jehz picked up on it right away, believing that it would provide a timely service to the burgeoning number of professionals in the Philippines. Immediately, they transferred the blog site to its own domain,

Jehz says that the blog’s objective is “to deliver fast, on-time and accurate exam results” via an “easy-to-browse and user-friendly GUI“. The best feature of the blog site is its SMS subscription service. Whenever there are professionals’ exam results coming out from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), subscribers are notified of the latest exam results on their mobile phones. The interface was designed by Jehz, and the SMS gateway was developed by Winston.

PRC Board Exam ResultsThe PRC official website is reportedly unavailable on many occasions, so that it’s not a very reliable source of information for expectant examinees. But with the PRC Board Exam Results blog, Filipino examinees now have a single, centralized portal upon which to check their exam results. Board exams for nurses, teachers, and other professionals are included. In the near future, Jehz says that they will also include results from the bar exam.

They’ve been getting quite an impressive amount of traffic already. In only a few days since launch (23 October 2007), the blog’s pageviews now stand at almost 54,000 from nearly 5,800 visitors. Their SMS and email subscribers have also breached the one-thousand mark, according to Jehz. This blog is definitely here to stay, and it’s proudly Davao made!

Jehz is a graduate of the University of Southeastern Philippines, while Winston is currently a 5th-year student at the Ateneo de Davao University. They were both scholars of the Department of Science and Technology when they were in high school. These two 21-year-olds definitely have a bright future ahead of them! With each possessing technical skills in information technology and a good head for business, the world is definitely their playground.

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47 Responses to “Blog for professionals’ exam results”

  1. uy bat ako nandyan? hahahaha! razz

  2. dick says:

    Their SMS subscription service is a big SHAM. I have subscribed but didn’t get any update when the ECE result was released. Honesty is always the best policy folks.

  3. Blogie says:

    @dick — Normally I don’t allow negative comments when the one who leaves them remain anonymous. But I’ll allow this because I want to answer this concern. Btw, I’m now part of this project.

    It’s NOT a sham. We were overwhelmed by the amount of traffic that the PRC Board Exam Results site has gotten that the SMS gateway we’re currently using couldn’t keep up with our requirements. We are most certainly working on it. Also, we’re now going to improve the service by letting subscribers choose which exam results they want to receive via SMS.

    Honesty is always the best policy.

  4. mingscians says:

    Thanks for your blog. I discovered a new site for PRC results.

  5. Blogie says:

    @mingscians — You’re very welcome!

  6. Aileen says:

    Congratulations on your blog.

    Good luck and more power!

  7. Blogie says:

    Thanks Aileen! Your comment is very inspiring. :)

  8. ohhh.. yun pala si dick.. hehehe.. kaso anonymous razz

  9. polaris-eac-manila says:

    gud day..blogie and to the creator of the site i would like to ask regarding ur site how reliable and fast will it deliver results on nursing L.e(NLE) Do circumtances occur wherein those who avail the services wouldnt recieve any info regarding the exams both on the SMSor via email??thanks..

  10. dheys says:

    this is great. especially for us, waiting for NLE results.

    -dhey from Perpetual las piñas

  11. kates says:

    Hello der, do u have any idea on when will the NLE be released?

  12. disappointed says:

    i agree with dick, their SMS system is not working. a big SHAM

  13. Blogie says:

    It is not a sham. Did you guys subscribe by selecting the exam result for which you want to receive results? I am a part of, and I know for certain that we send out SMS notices to all who have subscribed to us. If you subscribed, then you would’ve been asked for the particular exam that you want to be notified about. Once the exam results come out, you will get the notification via SMS. If you didn’t get it, perhaps there was something wrong with the subscription process, but not because it’s a “sham”. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions right away, you know.

  14. erjo says:

    i believe you Blogie. =)
    your SMS gateway may have send the notices, but based on my experiences on developing such gateway due to heavy traffic some messages may not reach the recipient. =)

  15. Blogie says:

    @erjo — Thanks for the vote of confidence. :)

  16. hazel says:

    i’d just like to ask how soon do you know the results? the same day that prc releases the results, do you post or send it na ba? do you have any idea when the LET exam of apr 2008 are going to be released? I have no idea kasi if it takes weeks ba o months to know the results. thanks

  17. Eros Michael Riverra says:

    I am glad that you guys were able to create a repository of all board exam results. Can you make a list of results according to school performance? I am looking for a good and reliable school for my niece to take up accountancy, and I think one way to know the quality of education of a school is the result of board exams. thanks and God bless

  18. Blogie says:

    @Eros Michael Riverra — Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I’ll see what we can do about it. :)

  19. betsie says:

    hi! are you also the ones responsible for sending e-mail alerts once we subscribe to receive e-mail once results are out? thanks

  20. Blogie says:

    @betsie — Hello there. The emails are sent out via, which provides subscription services for blogs. Truth is, it would be much faster if you subscribe directly to the RSS feed (also c/o Feedburner) so that you can receive updates via your blog reader (e.g.,

  21. betsie says:

    actually, nainis ako sa email subscription na yun eh.. i subscribed a week or two after i took the exam this april 2008, hoping to receive the result via email (as what it/they claimed to do) as soon as the results are out. so i checked my email regularly. to my dismay, the result was already out by 1st week of May. and you know when i knew about it? May 12 na! – when i visited the website (also, they posted in the site that the results would be out by last week of May or 1st wk of June.) grabe! until now, no e-mail from prc has reached my mailbox. sana nga lang if they couldn’t do what they planned to do, hindi na lang nilagay yung e-mail subscription na yan, di na rn sana ako umasa na through e-mail ko makukuah yung results.. tsk..

  22. Blogie says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Betsie. You’re right, the mailings from Feedburner are often late. I’ll discuss this with my partners.

    My suggestion to all exam takers: subscribe to the RSS feed of — you’ll get updates much, much faster. Or, you can try our SMS subscription service. That way, you can choose which exam to be alerted for.

  23. betsie says:

    thanks, blogie.. anyway, i already have the result. hopefully this would benefit those who shall be taking exams in the future.. thanks, again. hope you could continue what you’ve already started.. to make a difference.. god bless!

  24. hazel says:

    do you have any info sa oathtaking or ano susunod na dapat gawin once the LET results are out? I passed pero don’t know what to do next. Apparently d ma-access and PRC website and d naman matawagan ang phone ng PRC. DIba they should inform us kung ano next step. I heard kasi that oathtaking is finished na pero bat d nagiinform ang PRC. Thanks

  25. betsie says:

    hi hazel! the next thing to do is to register at the prc. just go there, counter 16 (ata), then ask for a registration form, tell them na LET passer ka (and what year). you will pay 1050 for registration. ask them what’s next after you pay.. meron ulit kc metered stamps, etc.. the oathtaking for april 6, 2008 LET passers was last May 29 (ncr and region 4). actually, i just knew about it when i visited the prc website.. about the oathtaking naman, i learned it from a friend who also passed the exam this april.

  26. chrisro says:

    so, we have you to thank for this..
    thank you!
    God Bless always!

  27. Blogie says:

    @chrisro — I’m just one of the three responsible for the PRC Board Exam Results site. But you’re most welcome. :)

  28. What is the truth about the buzz saying that the 2008 Nursing Board Exam Results will be coming out this July 20, 2008.. Is that true?

  29. ashley says:

    hello anyone have idea wen will be the NLE result posted?

  30. Rochelle Ann says:

    kelan po sked ng oath taking, tska kung kelan makuha ung rating. reply To my post please T_T

  31. peachy says:

    any schedule for late filing to those who will be taking the LET this yr?

  32. sugar :) says:

    Do you know when is the release of Let exam for Sept. 2008 will be?

  33. krepz says:

    i would like to ask if the let exam sept. 2008 will be released dis week? (it is stated in the website)


  34. Anne says:

    hi yaha! KREPZ, it is stated on the website but up to now wala parin result, hmmm kelan kaya yun lalabas. goodluck to all who took the LET exam. god bless…..

  35. louise says:

    hello! i have just discover your site. It’s great for everyone who wants to know the results of professional board exams. Congrats!

  36. Blogie says:

    @louise — Thank you! :)

  37. sheena says:

    Hello, nagtitry akong magregister sana sa sms alert niyo, kaso wala sa choices yung geodetic engineer september 2009 results.

  38. jh@y says:

    hello!, I want to subscribe on the SMS alert for the Board exam results my Celphone number starts from 0909, but I couldn’t find it the the selection. Is there any solution for that?? THANKS.. and more power..

  39. biege says:

    i subscribed to that sms stuff,,,but i wasn't ask wat particular exam i want to be informed with,,..,

  40. tisha says:

    hi,mr blogie…just wanted to ask when will be the next filing for LET 2010 in hongkong?

  41. sir nejh says:

    cno may kakilala sa prc..please inform me.. n


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