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Bo's Coffee ClubThe original franchise of Bo’s Coffee Club in Davao is at SM City. It’s on the ground floor of the mall, right in the middle of the walkway and near the atrium. This makes for a good vantage point for people-watching. :)

There are now two Bo’s Coffee Club outlets in Davao, but what I appreciate with the first one is their consistency. From the time they opened a few years ago and up to now, their coffee has always tasted the same. Dave approves! They brew their coffee rather strong (even their Americano), but I love the flavor. It’s rich and envigorating — just don’t take it in the afternoon if you’re the type whose sleep is affected by caffeine!

It can get pretty noisy there, especially when the mall is bustling with shoppers, so Bo’s at SM isn’t a very ideal place for relaxing. But if you don’t mind the racket, and because you’re out to grab that perfect mug of cappuccino or latté, spending an hour or so at Bo’s can be rather rewarding gastronomically. Ask for their durian pie!

If Blugre Café boasts of concocting Davao’s first durian cappuccino — and it’s good too — Bo’s at SM can brag about their durian pie. It’s to die for! Believe me, I’ve had quite a few converts already. wink

The other Bo’s Coffee Club is on F. Torres St. It’s a bigger place, in its own building — well, sharing it with Krua Thai restaurant, Metro Lifestyle Fitness and Bahia Spa. I don’t know if they serve durian pie there as well (probably not), but both shops serve excellent pastries.

A friend of mine told me recently that somebody had found this blog and remarked that it’s filled with coffee shop reviews. Well, I hope you can stand a few more of those — Davao is brimming with cafés, and I just love my brews! :)

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18 Responses to “Bo’s Coffee Club”

  1. Mindanao Bob says:

    Hi Blogie – For me, Bo’s in SM has the best coffee in town. I usually have the “World Coffee of the Day,” which is always interesting. I’ll have to try the Durian Pie.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    I’m not a coffee addict, but i do drink occasionally.

    I’m proud of Bo’s since it’s originally from Cebu, and owned by Cebuanos.

  3. Blogie says:

    Hi Jeffrey! Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I’m proud too that a Visayan franchise has made it onto the national scene. Bo’s is nothing to be scoffed at — it might even be a lot better as a franchise compared to Figaro’s. But that’s just my opinion. :)

  4. michelle says:

    Bo’s Coffee Club located along F. Torres St. is for me a good place to have a nice chat with your families and friends over a cup of hot or cold coffee. Plus seeing some of the hottest personalities in the city is actually an overwhealming experience. There was this one time i was having my fave coffee with my cousin when i suddenly bumped into one of the cutest and probably one of the hottest PBA player of all time. Jerry Codinera…My! he was really hot! i can say it was one of the most unforgetable coffee experience i had. Thanks BOs!

  5. roselle says:

    hello. stumbled into your “coffee shop” reviews. found them so funny, as i was comparing notes with you and your readers. your reviews span not only the coffee in these palces but the range of noticeables,too.

    been hanging out in several coffee shops here around davao city since nov 07 since im here till feb 08 ….bo’s at torres is my favorite so far. their teas and muffins are from heaven. hmmmm. glad to know that they originated from a cebuano…bo’s also not too noisy most of the time except when some creatures skype to high heavens at the top of their voices! bo’s allows one to soak in their shop, plug your laptop till kingdom come unlike basti’s brew in victorias where you have to pay to use their electricity. what can i say, basti’s brew even provides extension cords….

  6. Blogie says:

    @michelle — Yeah, Bo’s is a place to see and be seen wink

    @roselle — I’ve stopped writing about coffee shops and restaurants here, since I’ve started my new blog, Davao Delicious. Do take a look!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  7. stefan says:

    Bo’s on torress is not bad, the coffee is great but the cakes are the worst in the world. Mostly sertved from the draw , the leftovers from days ago, not been able to be sold, therefor watch out, that your been served from a fresh cake – but in any event the cakes are terrible ! this place would never survive in the rest of the world with their service and bad food !
    thats my coment – Bo – better stay just with coffee and other non alc refrshments !

  8. Blogie says:

    @stefan — Try the pastries at the original Bo’s franchise in SM City Davao. It’s way better over there.

  9. daryll a. garcia says:

    hi…im from lipa city batangas… m interested to have a franchise of bo’s coffee since my frends and i are coffee addict. other than that im so much fascinated with sweets so i think its a great opportunity for me to start a business. can u please advise me about franchising? i would be very willing to have one… tnx…

  10. Blogie says:

    @daryll a. garcia — Hello there, and thanks for visiting my blog! I’m sorry, but I’m in no position to give advice about franchising. :)

  11. Tom Martin says:

    SM still a spot I will go when in SM. Staff very pleasant and a delight to be around. The same was true of Torres St. until last night. The manager leaves much to be desired. I guess Bo’s has made enough money they no longer have to care about customer service or maybe they are being over confident with all the competition opening in Davao. The staff at Torres use to be my favorite, but the new manager does not see the need to thank you for your business. They have a new smoking area for customers. I say for customers because the manager does not think he needs to smoke there. He will go squat down just along the railing outside (between bushes and railings) and his smoke drifts in on the customers. Tonight Wed. Aug. 26TH will be my last visit to Torres St. store.

  12. DavaoBase says:

    That’s sad to know, Tom. We’ve tried Bo’s Coffee a couple of times: one at SM City Davao, and the other one at F. Torres. So far, we haven’t been too disappointed.

  13. Tom Martin says:

    I must say that the Corporation in Cebu and the Franchise owner in Davao has contacted me and apologized. They went out of their way to repair the disappointment. They had a meeting with the staff on duty that evening. I did go back as they ask me to do and the service was quite different. I know they met with the employees because two of the staff members were the same and I could tell they recognized me. I have come to think that many Filipino people are very passive and take what ever they are given in public and because of it customer service is lacking many times in the Philippines. Management and owners do not always know of problems unless customers report them.

  14. Mark says:

    Daghan ug lamok ang Bo’s sa Torres! They need to buy a mosquito trap. Kaulaw pud ana uy!

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  16. ALLAN says:

    daming customer sa bo’s torres..,i wonder ilan sales nla in 1 day..,24 din cla..,i dont think bad comments affected their sales..,


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