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I’d been hearing about it, and finally I’ve seen the place: Coffee @ Yellow Hauz. It’s in an as yet secluded part of downtown Davao (the coffee shop is on Mapa St., near TumbleTots on Mabini St.), away from the hustle & bustle of places like F. Torres street. In fact, the area looks decidedly residential — a throw-back to the city’s antiquated zoning.

Yellow Hauz is certainly a looker. From your first glimpse of it from the outside up to your relaxing stint within, you’d be impressed. The architecture, the interior design, the nice little touches — and the huge glass panels on the walls and doors (something I like in a building) — all add up to one delightful package.

And it’s not a square space with no depth. It’s laid out quite snugly, with a few choice nooks for those who want to park themselves in a comfortable couch or armchair. There’s a room there that I thought of as the den, and it’s perfect for a group of, say, 10 to 15 friends to lounge in. Even the outside area is well laid out. Evidence of the owners’ careful planning and attention to detail.

Dave says whatever…Now, if only they’d bring their attention to bear on the coffee. Whenever I go to a coffee shop for the first time, I always sample their house brews, because that’s the base upon which they create their other concoctions. So I tried the regular brewed coffee at Yellow Hauz and, well, it wasn’t really awful… but it wasn’t as impressive as how the shop looks. It was rather disappointing; I felt let down.

The waitstaff were very presentable and the service was prompt and courteous, even though the place was almost full. Some of the servers displayed an eagerness to be of constant assistance, and that’s good because things like that encourage continued patronage.

The food, particularly the pastries, were OK. But with the coffee tasting like that, I didn’t enjoy the fare all that much. I hope that they’d invest more time and effort in brewing excellent coffee, as I’m sure they did in building that chic establishment.

Oh, they have free wifi, of course. I don’t think it would be wise for any coffee shop in Davao to not offer Internet access anymore.

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17 Responses to “Coffee @ Yellow Hauz”

  1. Aileen Apolo says:

    You should’ve tried the cheesecake with caramel syrup. It’s good! Sugar rush! Sugar rush!

  2. karla stefan says:

    i love their choco-oatmeal thing paired with san mig light. :)

  3. Blogie says:

    I’ll be sure to try that choco-oatmeal thingie… but not with beer! :|

  4. sandy says:

    hi… im sandy from coffee @ yellow hauz, i was just wondering what your looking for in a coffee (extra strong or mild)? So far kasi wala pa kaming naririnig na complain bout the taste of our coffee so im a bit surprised by your comment. If you have any suggestion i’d be glad to hear them! =)

  5. Blogie says:

    Hi Sandy! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Coffee is more than just ‘mild’ or ‘strong’, you see. In my opinion, the weakness is in the beans that you use. It could also be in the blend. The second time I was at your coffee shop, I still felt the same way about your house blend — the taste is just not up there where I expected it to be, considering your price range and how good your establishment presents itself. I’m glad that you’re concerned about customer satisfaction! :)

  6. sandy says:

    ok…thank you din for your suggestion… i will try to do something about it, but so far kasi ung mga loyal costumers namin na coffee drinker din likes our brewed coffee. San yung pinake best na house blend for you so i can check it out… tnx! *-*

  7. Blogie says:

    @sandy — well, they don’t have a “house blend” yet (they haven’t decided on that yet), but the coffee at Spro is really good. it’s on gen.luna st. and of course, my fave is still basti’s house blend. :)

  8. sandy says:

    i’ve been there at spro… sobrang tapang ng kape so i guess thats good. anywayz thank you for your right up and for the suggestion. Maybe the next time your in the yellow hauz you can introduce yourself. godbless!

  9. Blogie says:

    @sandy — i belive we’ve met. i think that was you at the counter when i ordered coffee. i was with ria and other bloggers.

    and no spro’s coffee isn’t all that strong. yeah they did have a blend that was strong, but that only meant that the flavor was full and rich. myself, i prefer the americano blend, which is milder.

    sige, next time i’m back at Yellow Hauz, i’ll chat with you. :)

  10. michelle says:

    i don’t find yellowhauz that nice…aside from the not-so-good chairs and tables, the place isn’t that easy to find…but the pastries are heavenly!..hmmmm!

  11. bEb says:

    the place is fair but the coffee did not leave a mark on my tongue … just not too convincing for me… agree with blogie

  12. the wifi isnt free anymore its sold for 20.00 petot..ive been there last tuesday..but the place is nice, wink

  13. Blogie says:

    Thanks for the update, bogsicle!

  14. yellow hauz says:

    hi… sorry for the inconvenience about the password. our router got hacked kasi thats why we couldnt access the net one time. so weve decided that somehow customers are abusing the freebies so we opt to charge the net instead nlng. however, we made some adjustments again. and the wifi is free again. but you have to ask for a password to access the net. again we are sorry for the inconvenience.

  15. ginny r says:

    i was here last week and i must say di ako nasayahan sa drinks ko. i had the coffeeforni-whatever drink and masyado syang matubig.dapat mag focus sila sa mga products nila. masyadong home business ang dating (but i guess that’s the whole concept). overall experience is ok but they lack the factor na mapapabalik ang customers. there are lots of coffee shops na nagbubukas na mas maganda. they should keep up. hope mas mag improve pa ang yellow hauz. good luck!

  16. Rafjho says:

    hi, will be having our get together with my highschool friends by tomorrow @ yellow hauz . this blog is so much of help, but we´ll still try to have it there sabagay kanya-kanyang taste of preference din naman ang bawat tao wink any idea kng anong masasarap na pastries na tlgang worth to pay? thanks sa help happy u nga pala since it´s our first grand reunion, pro ndi nmn tlga kmi mrmi less than 10. pwede mndala ng grand reunion cup cakes? sana..tnx!


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