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Here’s an update to a previous post on massage places. I was looking for another place to get a massage, but couldn’t bring myself to try Philosophy Spa just yet — no budget! So a friend of mine suggested I try this new place right beside Basti’s Brew. Perfect!

Dave approves!HairZone Salon & Spa was a pleasant surprise. I knew that the next-door shop was renovating, but I wasn’t expecting what I saw: to their salon, they’ve now added a well-appointed spa! The place looks really cozy and pleasant. It’s not big, in fact, it’s bordering on cramped. But the way they arranged the furniture, the spa gives an impression of comfort.

The massage itself? It was OK. No major complaints. I was told that the massage therapists are all new and had just finished a one-month training program. So the massage was pretty good, considering. I had a full-body Swedish-Shiatsu combination. For only P300!

They also offer aromatherapy, body scrubs and body wraps (wonder what that is…). All at very reasonable rates.

The full-body massage rate includes use of their shower and sauna. They only have one shower stall, though (and another for the women). The saunas can fit only one person each, two if you don’t mind the squeeze.

The customer service was not bad. I could hear some staff chattering while I was getting my massage, though. I told the manager about it — hopefully they’ll do something about it.

HairZone is located at the ground floor of Victoria Plaza Mall, J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City. Their phone number: 305-3513. They’re open from 10am to 12 midnight (so they’ll accept clients only up to 11pm, I was told). Here are some photos of the place.

Blogie @ Hairzone
Me @ the receiving area

Foot Massage @ Hairzone
Row of lazyboys for foot massage

Massage Room @ Hairzone
One of their massage rooms

Massage Room for Couples @ Hairzone
Massage rooms for couples

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18 Responses to “HairZone Salon & Spa”

  1. Mark says:

    How does it compare to Tan-ton? I’m biased toward Thai inspired massage since I feel they’re more systematic in the way they give one a massage.

  2. Blogie says:

    Well, like I said, they’re very new… Personally, I don’t like Tan-Ton because I don’t much enjoy Thai massage. I still prefer Swedish, that’s why I guess I’m satisfied with the massage at HairZone. They could do better, though. :)

  3. MiGs says:

    Nagpa-foot spa na ako dyan…
    Nice ang service nila… mura na.. may discount pa. just ask kung sino man ang mag se-service sayo for a discount. I plan to have a full body massage next time.

  4. Blogie says:

    Ang lupit mo naman, MiGs! Mura na nga eh, hihingan mo pa ng discount… Eh papano na lang ang tip? wink

  5. MiGs says:

    actually di ko nabigyan ng tip! kasi hindi ako nagbayad.. yung kasama ko.. Kinuha ko na yung car.. pagbalik ko nasa labas na yung mga kasama ko.. sabi ko next time na lang… no discount plus tip.

    Magaan kamay nung nag service sakin…

    it was a nice experience – foot spa experience ha.

    • Tom Martin says:

      You are right about the shops in the Philippines leaving you in the middle of getting your hair done for another customer or having three going at the same time. I used Philosophy for a very long time and finally just got fed up. The last straw was when I let the guy talk me into coloring my grey hair. I was not fond of the color, but between hair cuts had gotten use to it. I went back for a hair cut and was told I needed a touch up and I reluctantly agreed. When it was over my hair was an entirely different color. I was in shock. I ask why would you put a color on my hair and not get my approval and his reply, “I am a professional and I think it looks great on you.”

  6. owteyt says:

    HairZone Salon and Spa of Victoria Plaza is a great place but some of the hairdressers namely Jong and the old gay are so impolite. They select clients whom they think are richer or dresses well. I had my hot oil “regular” only and Jong suddenly left me with my hair half done (he was on the process of dying my hair with a blower) when a favorite client of his came. Left without saying anything. Bad manners, eh?

  7. MiGs says:


    That happens everywhere.. I have female friends that complain about that.

    And that’s one of the reasons why they don’t go back. Bad customer service!

    But so far I haven’t experienced that yet.. so i’ll go back to HairZone maybe this week.


  8. BART says:

    im here in davao now and actually looking for a place to have spa services… and cozy-looking nmn ng place na yan… i think ill give it a shot… by the way, thanks BLOGIE for the info ha… very helpful po…

  9. Emilio Lopez says:

    Thank you for posting this.Uwi kami sa Philippines sa January and I have been looking for spas in Davao City to visit once there.Maayo kay barato lang ang masahe diha and from what I have read in the comments section na maayo man pud diay ang quality sa service.We are very excited na to come home after 5 years.Happy New Year sa inyo tanan!!!

  10. hello new website of Hair Zone Salon and Spa is UP!!!

    Services and Contact informations is available.

  11. Blogie says:

    @Rhyan Diansay — Thanks for the update!

  12. Virgel Lulab says:

    Hi, Hairzone is one of the best spa here in Davao! customer service and the expertise are all in one! just try and see for your self.

  13. Sonny Jones says:

    Cool, I finally stumbled to a site about this! I was daydreaming about it this morning (well technically evening dreaming as it was evening time ) and now I discover this site. Coincidence alright. Might be checking back!

  14. jelleni says:

    If you want good massage, try pressure points just across robinson's in bajada. Very quiet place with polite staff.

  15. sfafmakjfn says:

    hate HairZone! they murdered my hair! and you are right, their service sucks!


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