Damosa: Davao’s new commercial center

The Damosa area used to be a dusty, neglected-looking part of Davao, until recently. This part of Lanang was almost exclusively for warehouses and industrial-type buildings. When the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku (Mindanao International College) along Mamay Road was established in 2002, its first batch of students found the area dreary and rather isolated. But things started happening a couple of years ago when the Damosa Gateway was put up.

It was a hard-start experience for the Gateway at first, what with its distant location from downtown Davao. (Dabawenyos are loathe to travel more than 15 minutes to gimmick places wink )

But it did pick up soon enough. So far, many of the shops that opened then are still operating now. And those that closed have been replaced by new establishments.

And then this year, the pace of development picked up considerably when Damosa Land inaugurated an arcade, Market Basket, only two Sundays ago. I’m at a shop in Market Basket called Light Repast as I write this (what is it with Dabawenyos who have a penchant for generic-sounding trade names?). The arcade is already full, with tenants offering various products and services: from groceries to spas to pets. It’s located right behind the Damosa building (from which the area got its name).

Further up Mamay Road, there’s another commercial building called (curiously enough) Sea Urchin. Its ground floor is a supermarket, while the 3rd floor is a restaurant of Mediterranean persuasion (at least according to its signboard). I didn’t get to check what was in the 2nd floor, though.

Also, sandwiched between Damosa Gateway and the college is the construction of Microtel Davao, which is part of an international hotel chain. According to Damosa Land, the hotel is scheduled to be completed late this year.

What’s spurring on the development of this area of Lanang is the upcoming I.T. park. In fact, there’s already one sizable locator, the Link2Support call center, which now has 500+ employees. The next phase will be another building for the call center’s expansion. This will surely translate to more business for the area’s cafés, restaurants, bars and other establishments.

Almost forgot to mention: across the street from Damosa is Swiss Deli, which was opened last year (or was it two years ago?). They’re the same people who operate Picobello.

Pretty soon, Davao will have more than one entertainment district, and quite removed from the downtown area. This is good because, already, Dabawenyos have begun to look for more variety in their available choices of entertainment places.

With the fast-paced increase in foot traffic (students, shop patrons, etc.) in the Damosa area, I hope the city’s planners will catch up soon. They would do well to start thinking about re-routing trucks and other heavy vehicles away from Mamay Road in the foreseeable future.

* * *

Speaking of shops and such, it’s almost Mother’s Day! Express your gratitude to your moms by sending them a special gift.

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11 Responses to “Damosa: Davao’s new commercial center”

  1. Liam Lee says:

    Nice BloG.. Davao Rulez.

  2. Bob says:

    Hi Blogie! Actually, Swiss Deli has been open a lot longer. I would say they opened in maybe 2003. It was actually open ahead of Damosa Gateway!

    You are right, that whole Damosa area is really growing, and actually becoming pretty nice!

  3. XtremeXY says:

    Davao is dying! because of the backwardness of the local politicians and ang sunod sunoran na business sector! WAKE UP DAVAO! We are far behind! sobra!

  4. Blogie says:

    @XtremeXY — I suggest you go out some more and see for yourself. Davao is not as far behind as you might think. wink

  5. Agnostic says:

    Cool. Davao is a great city fuelled mostly by internal capital unlike the others cities which rely on foreign or external capital.

  6. tito pogi says:

    yah right! XtremeXY!!! maybe ur not a dabawenyo!!! its better u to visit our city before u comment like that!!! you’re just a ignorant person!!!

  7. Maru C. Arellano says:

    We were informed through publicity, Business World, that foreigners prefer to buy properties in Davao City.
    We are in the process of disposing assets in Davao, if interested, kindly contact us.


  8. Fojie says:

    really nice place. been there last night with some officemates. we are looking for a nice place to hang-out there but we can’t decide where since we are not familiar with the entire place. so we stayed @ Fagioli coffee shop to surf the net (since one of my friends brought her laptop and since the place is a wifi zone) and search for a nice gimikan in Davao that we never been to yet. we stayed in the coffee shop for more than an hour and still undecided where we can hang-out. and so we decided to go home but since my friend need a pad, we looked for a convenience store but cant find one. The one we found were already close (whatta!!!). but we are lucky to find along the way the Light Repast. It’s a comedy bar during Fridays and Saturdays. Exactly what we are looking for. And we are so lucky also bcoz one of the fellow there (which is a stranger to all of us) celebrated his bday and he let us drink all we can and he paid everything (Whoever you are Sir, thanks to you!). We really had fun and medyo na-okray.. hehehe. We stayed there till 2pm, then went to Mcdo just in front of the bar to have some hot choco. And bcoz it was raining (and my friend doesnt want to go home bcoz she and his husband is on LQ-mode… tsismis!!!) we stayed @ McDo till almost sunrise. I had a wonderful bonding moments with my girl friends aka officemates. We did not expected that we will enjoy that much.

  9. Babe says:

    Hey I'm searching for lease or rent shop within damosa gateway…. Do you know where I can find information regarding this matter….

    • Blogie says:

      For leasing concerns, please call 234-0539 and look for Ms. Laurice Soriano (or Riza or Lora in case she's out). Thanks for reading my blog!

  10. orexis says:

    I differ with most folks here; I started reading this post orexis I couldn’t stop until I was done, even though it wasn’t just what I had been trying to find, was a fantastic read though. I will immediately take your feed to maintain informed of future updates.


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