I was at Netfront Coffee Shop & Internet Cafe last Friday, to talk to the owner and managers regarding the Davao Bloggers Party #1, which they’re sponsoring. I was with Kim C., who took this picture here. This new café is owned by a Korean who calls herself Janice. It’s interesting the way Koreans choose an English name for themselves. Somehow it shows an eagerness to learn the English language. But I don’t really know; I have virtually no Korean friends yet.

After a rather long meeting, I went on a walk-and-ride around downtown. I first went to, well, another coffee shop — a new one, called Coffee Pod. The photo at right shows F. Torres St., Davao’s restaurant row. Too bad the digicam was running low on juice, so I was taking pictures without the flash.

I’d already downed 4 mugs of coffee that day, so to avoid caffeine overload I just had an iced tea (which probably has caffeine too!) at the Pod. Rather sweet, so I suggest you ask the staff to make it not too sweet. The lasagna I had was not bad, but just a bit on the salty side. Nice-looking place, though. Tucked away in a corner, at the back of Rai Rai Ken and Banoks. I’m still wondering now if their coffee’s up to my standards. Well, back to the Pod soon, I guess. Oh, they have free wifi.

I ended up that night with a couple of friends, at Barbecue Boss. I really liked it right off. However, I think the staff were overwhelmed — there were so many patrons some orders got mixed up and some bills took a long time to show up… But it looks like a fun place weekends. Oh, try their chilli beef sticks!

This night-out is probably not going to repeat itself very often, especially after I restart working out. In fact, yesterday (Saturday), I didn’t go out at all. Just had a meeting with the Davao Bloggers Party #1 organizing team, and came back home right after. I’m really going to commit to this health & fitness program that I’m starting this Monday.

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2 Responses to “TGIFriday”

  1. rian says:

    Ei, just stumbled on this website thru my friend’s comment.

    Nice website you got here po. What’s even more amazing is host and Davao. And bloggers here in davao can actually talk about anything under the sun personally! coolness. Hehe.

  2. Blogie says:

    hey rian! thanks for your comment! pls head on to and register there. Then, sign up for the Davao Bloggers Party #1 at the Forum. :)


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