Massage, anyone?

A new acquaintance gave me an idea to blog about: massage places in Davao. While we were engaged in conversation, Austin asked me about the best place in Davao to get a massage. I realized just then that there are actually quite a few now here. A colleague in the IT industry even opened a shop at the Matina Town Square.

You can differentiate massage services in Davao into roughly 3 categories: spas, or full-fledged services that offer more than just massages; massage clinics, where people go for no-fuss, no-frills body kneading; and home service. (Never mind the extra-service type — I have a GP rating here… well, sometimes R18, but not today wink )

I’m going to have to do a serious survey of Davao’s massage offerings (yes! this is what I love about writing!). But for now, here’s a quickie of some of those that I’ve already tried.


Holiday Spa. They offer Swedish massages, in separate common areas for men & women. There are saunas and baths, the works. Holiday also has a gym, boxing ring, wide range of aerobics training programs, a swimming pool, and an indoor jogging track. Also a salon and a coffee shop (free wifi!).

I’ve tried Holiday Spa twice only. It’s about P450 for the massage and you get to use the facilities like the sauna for free. At both times, there was nothing to complain about, really. Austin, however, probably had an unlucky time when he tried the place. He also didn’t like the fact that everybody’s in one huge common room. So for those of you who’re queasy about getting down to your birthday suits in front of other people, this place might not be for you.

Bahía Spa. Even pricier than Holiday, and with just a few added perks too. The service isn’t bad, though, and the place is comfortable enough. The one time that I was there, it was P500+ for a massage (Swedish) and use of the sauna and shower. They have both wet and dry saunas, but the showers were reminiscent of my college varsity days. Bahía is inside the Metro Lifestyle gym building on F. Torres St.

While in Holiday Spa they only have masseuses, at Bahía they have both masseuses and masseurs. The massage rooms are also common, divided by decorative hangings. There are private rooms for the more expensive kinds of massage — something to do with hydro-therapy.

Philosophy Spa. Even more expensive than the preceding two, but I hear the service is good. I haven’t tried this place yet, but I do have a mind to. Philosophy Spa, it would seem, is trying to maintain an ultra-exclusive ambience, hence the price tag probably (P700+ if I’m not mistaken). According to a friend, the place is small — or rather, cozy. Or intimate, as the case may be.

Philosophy is in the Florentine building, on Bonifacio St., behind the Apo View Hotel.

Massage Clinics

Firm Massage. The name’s rather unimaginative, I know, but this is actually one of my favorites. From the outside it looks like a hole-in-the-wall joint, but the interiors are clean and presentable. Simple but functional. It’s just an old apartment building whose couple of units the proprietor transformed into a clinic for those aching bodies. They specialize in combo methods: Swedish mixed in with Thai. They also do shiatsu, but mostly for foot rubs. Masseurs and masseuses. The place is on Veloso Road, behind Victoria Plaza; landline # 227-9314.

Tan-Ton. Thai-style massage with all that stretching, pulling, bending and cracking. Personally I don’t like it, but apparently lots of other people do. They have branches all over now (3, I think), the main being at that arcade across the street from The Venue. Another one is at the Centerpoint Mall in Matina.

For the life of me, I can’t recall the name of the shop that my colleague put up. Anyway it’s in Matina Town Square, right in front of the convenience store. It’s a different kind of Thai massage, specializing in foot-&-leg combinations, and you get them while you’re enthroned in a lazyboy. It’s just a petite affair, but very comfy. They also serve Thai teas and other ready-to-prepare refreshments.

Home Service

Everywhere in Davao you see small signs posted on telephone poles, advertising for massages. On newspapers as well. Price range is from P150 to P300 per hour. Some of them are OK, probably a third of them are shady, but most of them are more or less genuine masseurs/masseuses trying to make a decent living. But I’m not vouching for their skills, legit or otherwise.

There are plenty more out there. It just takes a bit of looking around or asking a friend for recommendations.

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133 Responses to “Massage, anyone?”

  1. raine says:

    i’m addicted to massages,Tanton’s my fave.i used to visit it weekly but now i limited it to every other week.
    I also like Chic and Dandy Spa located at Jose Abad St. coz Sauna comes for free w/ the massages(you can pay as low as P150,an hour massage,shower,oil & sauna).
    Also K1 spa coz you can have videoke afterwards but of course it’s not included in the massage fee hehehe

  2. Blogie says:

    oh now i remember the name of that cute little thai massage shop at MTS — Sabai Sabai Arom. the owner told me the meaning before, but i’ve forgotten already.

    • Cynthia says:

      Good afternoon. I am a woman looking for a strictly professional therapist available for home service and providing either Deep tissue (sports massage), Swedish or Shiatsu massage therapy. A portable massage table would be a definite asset.
      Thank you in advance for any referral you may be able to provide.

      • blogie says:

        Hi Cynthia. I hope they're still in business — try At-Home Massage & Spa Services, tel. 303-2188, mobile 0917-700-6136.

      • tata yatsu says:

        ako po masahista. e2 po # ko 09232585363. 4 yirs n po akong nagmamasahe. im 24 y/o 5'8 hyt.

      • marky says:

        I’m offering a 1 1/2 hour Clean Massage for 300 only. This is to relax your mind and spirit from everyday stress. Feel free to message me here. JUST CLEAN MASSAGE HERE. NO EXTRA SERVICE.

        09053240524 – globe
        09499437724 – smart


  3. Dennis says:

    Other massage parlors in Davao.

    1. Massage parlor of 51 cafe in Victoria Plaza Compound. P200 only. Nice place

    2. Massage by Blind %$@$^@#$(what do you call people who do massage) inside Victoria Plaza and NCCC Mall.

    3. Massage parlor infront of Queens cinema. I forgot the name. It has branches on Quirino and Humberto Hotel.

    4. Masaje in Juan Luna just below our office

    5. Shiatsu Shop near Sta Ana Church

    6. A barbershops in Anda that has both a female (erotic) or a barber (hard – real hard) massage who does the massage.

  4. Blogie says:

    Shoot! How could I have missed mentioning 51?? Buti na lang di marunong mag-English ang may-ari, kaibigan ko pa naman hehehe…

  5. rashidsmom says:

    I’ve tried most of the spa’s / massage places mentioned here but my best pick is definitely Philosophy Spa. Hands down, the steep 700+ is really worth it. Look for Elisa. She does wonders for the angst-ridden, tight-muscled workaholics like you and me Blogs :)

  6. jay says:

    any review about spa 101 and asian massage?

  7. Blogie says:

    hello jay. i haven’t tried spa 101 yet. that’s in bajada or lanang, isn’t it?

    asian massage, well, not bad i guess. but i’ve only tried it once, and it was only because there were no other shops open at 2am.

  8. jay says:

    yeah spa101 is in bajada i dont know about lanang, but i think they have branch also along ponciano area…

    well as for asian, youre right not bad. but not good either… haha.. there is a miracle that happened there too… hmmm…

    theres a shop open along bajada not far from spa 101 its called, along the road spa…heheh…

  9. trina says:

    Hi, I was wondering how you’d rate the Ylang Ylang Spa of Pearl Farm? Am going to be in Davao with a friend and we’re thinking of going to Pearl Farm for a day – they have a day tour promo with 1hr massage included. Would that be worth it? I mean, if its not all that good, then maybe better for us to try the other spas within the city? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for your help! :)

  10. Blogie says:

    hello trina!
    hey if your aim is to relax and unwind, i think pearl farm will be great for you. thing is, i haven’t tried their spa services yet… but if what you want is to get a good massage with all the attendant services, yeah go ahead and use one of the spas within the city — but you won’t get the infinity pool or the sea breeze or the island ambience. :)

  11. trina says:

    Thanks much for your reply! Yes, relax and unwind it will be… If we do end up trying the Pearl Farm’s spa services, maybe I can share some here, for your readers… wink Thanks again!

  12. Blogie says:

    you’re welcome, trina!

    yes, pls, i’d appreciate it if you could share your pearl farm spa experience with us, should you decide to go. :)

  13. Dennis says:

    What about bodyscrubs? When I was in QC there is a lot of shops where men can go to spa and not feel uncomfortable. Dito sa Davao, I think Philosophy Spa lang ang nag-ooffer ng ganoong services..sauna, scrub, massage, etc. Mahal and di masyado OK yung bodyscrubs. Nagtyatyaga lang ako dun kasi wala pa ako nakikita na spa where I’m comfortable.

    I’ve tried Bahia, pero walang privacy. Ano yun? Yung mga naggygym, kasabay mong maligo. Andami pa nila at syempre ma-OOP ka kasi magkakakilala sila. Walang privacy. I’ve tried Asian Massage for body massage only. When I asked about the sauna, di daw operational. Eh di ako nagpapascrub kung di muna sauna.

    May scrub din daw sa Oroderm, pero anliit ng place at saan ka kaya maliligo dun? I’ve read about BaLi Hai Spa (@2nD LeveL, SuiTe 14 CarLson’s PLazA cor. N.Torres & Lapu-Lapu St.Agdao, DC. (Beside CentraL WarehOusE) Tel # 2286677). May naka-try na ba nito?

    Sana may mag-open ng Japanese style spa na 24 hrs like Wensha (QC) or yung Jipang (Roxas Blvd, Mla). Yung may wet and dry sauna tsaka may hot & cold pools.

    • Bryan says:

      Try Firm Spa here in Lanang, in front of Petron Lanang.. A private sauna for Php 150.00, body scrub for only Php 400.00. They also have a promo bodyscrub with massage for only Php 500.00..

  14. ric says:

    I tried Asian massage pro wala naman miracle dun, hmmmmm meron nga ba? not so nice and not so bad nga yung massage dun. di ko gusto yung place na yun. mas ok pa rin yung holiday.

  15. Blogie says:

    hi ric. i’ve recently blogged about another massage place that i’ve discovered. it’s hairzone salon & spa. check it out!

  16. trina says:

    The Ylang-Ylang Spa at the Pearl Farm Resort was awesome! We had just the one-hour massage, which was included in the day tour package, but it was truly refreshing and much appreciated.

    It’s a small place, the one that we went to, conveniently tucked behind the infinity pool area. (I think the other – bigger – one was in another area?) Anyway, there was a small house-like gate and a small wooden signage that says “Ylang Ylang Spa”, so we knew we weren’t lost… Hehehehe…. The “pathway” was made of wooden planks, sorta like a brige-effect. Below it, was like a small pond, then you’ll also actually hear running water and some birds chirping! Lots of plants, flowers to decorate the area. There were 2 beds only, a shower/dressing area and a couch for hanging-out. The massage was good, ideal for ending the day-tour :) Plus we had free mango shake after!

    Definitely a must-try if you’re already at the resort! :)

    (* Yes, a very delayed post… Sorry! But sure hope this still helps your other readers wink)

  17. Blogie says:

    Wow, Trina, this is great! Thanks very much for letting us know of your experience at Pearl Farm. I’m sure my blog’s readers appreciate it very much, as I do. :)

  18. Blogs, let me bring you to Bioessence. The body scrub is just one of their services but it’s pretty impressive. I’ve been a Bioessence endorser since it started not only because the owner is my friend, but because I created its logo in the 90s, hehe. But their service is impressive. and more importantly, it is run by a Dabawenya who brought it to national status with so many branches in Luzon, and has represented the Philippines in Paris as one of the leading spa and skin care establishments in the country.

    I have my regular body scrub monthly there. They will soon open their Thai massage facilities on the 2nd level. Their endorsers in Manila are Paolo Ravales, Piolo, Jean Garcia, Dina Bonnevie, etc. The particular favorites are CM (Cellulite Massage), diamond peel and miracle lift for the face using Japanese technology and products.

    The body scrub is very good, because the room is spacious and private. I used to fall asleep agad. My therapist would wake me up and I would just reach for the hand shower and rinse and shampoo right there on the bed! happy will probably post nalang the pics sa blog ko. oh, dear, no not my shower, i meant the interiors of the place! (grin)

  19. Blogie says:

    Joj, you haven’t seen my post about BioEssence? I was there recently and I loved it so much I just had to blog about it! But hey, if you’re gonna bring me back there, sure!!!

    Pero ayoko ng body scrub… facial lang or diamond peel. Baka kasi pati ako kunan mo ng photo… :mrgeen:

  20. hey that’s good! okay, maglo-launching ng kanilang thai massage in june and dr. tapti (the owner) will be coming over. i’ll introduce you both. then let’s go get some facial chuva. ayaw mo ng body scrub kasi kiliti noh?? happy

  21. Blogie says:

    @Joj — yah am ticklish eh… :twisted:

  22. owteyt says:

    I love going to skin clinics. I am always looking forward to my monthly visits to ORODERM but I would like to inform everybody that ORODERM Clinic of Victoria Plaza is the worst clinic of Oroderm in the Philippines. My visit there was horrible. One of the staff have a very bad breath and they did not inform me of the procedure but asked me a payment of P4,000.00. Imagine that!!!!

    • BIANCA says:

      ya……….your right! staff in oroderm specially gaisano branch is euwwwwwwww……very bad breath! do they the know the word HYGIENE?

  23. alex divinagracia says:

    Tried By the Road Spa along Bajada infront of Davao Light Plant last nite. Nice place,the owner very friendly and shes offerng 20-50% discount of all their services. Tea and coffee will be offered free while you are waiting. Footspa services are OK. Please check By the Road Spa next time…

  24. jay says:

    recently ive tried BODY BLISS… its very relaxing ambiance doze me off to sleep during the 1 hour and 45 minutes whole body massage… a must try

  25. Blogie says:

    @alex d. — thanks for the tip! i’ll make sure to try that one out.

    @jay — i’ve tried bodybliss already. in fact, i’ve already posted my review of the place here. :)

  26. Shani says:

    Anyone knows of a spa here in davao which uses decleor products? Help..

  27. Mercedes says:

    My friend took me to try Thai massage at Bioessence.i like the place and its service,i like the room with just a scented candle and soothing music.and of course the steam bath before the massage.i really enjoyed so much and i would go back again in my next visit to davao.
    Mercedes Barner

  28. maryjoy says:

    i guess there is no other place to go for best massage in town but body bliss! the price is right and the services are great. A must try talaga! Go now.

  29. Mali Bog says:

    How does one get a list of the R18 listing? Thx!

  30. zilica says:

    owteyt of # 22 is ryt, ORODERM is the worst clinic tlga. I suffered severe rashes all over my face ryt now, severe redness tlga. huhuhuh.. i cant even dare to look my face sa mirror sa sobrang depress, i am not used kasi to look my face ganito. huhuhuh. i had my facial last april 20, bagong open kasi 1 branch nla of a certain place in davao. Ang katangahan ko nman, i tried sa clinic nla (which pinagsisihan ko tlga huhuhu). huhuhuhu ang attendant nla which also acts as the cashier, hay nku, wla pang gloves. Imagine, hahawak sya nang pera then hawak sa face mo. huhuhuh. ayoko na tlga. Hope this will help na wag na wag na tlga kau sa ORODERM.

  31. jono says:

    Ill travel almost all cities in asia n I discover that one of d best masseur is here in davao,and Imagine he heal and relax me,thank u very much MARK SALINAS of MASSEUSE AND MASSEUR you can call him 24\7 #09205962271

  32. xanne says:

    ganun?!worst ba ang oroderm balak kopa nmn sana mgpa lipo sa knila pag uwi ko kc nkita ko sa internet. kc me services din silang ganun sa SM matina.any comments please..

  33. Jenny says:

    I agree with jono Im a lady but he know how to handle me, hindi sya bastos even minasahe nya ko ng hubad but sometime may nagyari samin napaka wildly gentleman nya hihihihi!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! MARK

  34. Sam says:

    I have searched on in Davao City, as stated above in the blog but it’s not existing. Please review the correct website of Holiday Spa, as I am interested to go that place someday. Thanks.

  35. Blogie says:

    @Sam — Sorry about that, but used to be their website URL. I see now it’s not active anymore, just a parked page… I’ll try to find out what their new website address is now.

  36. kenji_vodafone says:

    hi blogie.

    tanong ko lang kung may mga massage spa ba dito na mga bakla or silahis ang mga masseurs.. i like it kasi eh. sana maraming place na ganyan dito.. kung may ma-refer ka.. kindly list down the names of massage spa..


  37. Blogie says:

    @kenji_vodafone — Hehehe… di ko naman tinatanong sa mga masahista eh kung bakla sila o silahis. wink

  38. Kenji_vodafone says:


    sana may alam ka na pambakla ang massage parlor.. or something na sensual ang masahe nila.. may alam ka ba na sensual mag masahe na spa dito sa davao?


  39. davao_lover says:

    talking about sensual massage, u gotta try healing garden spa (250 whole body massage), thats in claveria near LBC fronting a convinnience store and look for noli, hes nice and really gives a good massage.. one thing tho, let him finish first his massage, then ask him for extra. Extra kinnda cost 200 to 300 but dont go beyond that. You can even play with his thing… heheh. But you have to ask him nicely. Hes buff thats why be very careful baka majombag pag nabastos cya….

  40. Ody says:

    HI guys. If you want massage home service, give this guy a text or a call. He is a licensed nurse but he has a passion for massaging. sideline niya. He has strokes that you will not find in any massage parlors/spas.He’s from Cordillera so he has some traditional cordillera strokes. He is a licensed masseur. He already has a number of clients in Tagum City. He’s usually here in Davao every weekend. And the good thing is, affordable ang rate. For 1 and a half hour combination massage, he charges P250 only.

    If you’re interested, contact him @ 0919-925-1355. His name is Ralph.

  41. Ody says:

    correction sa contact number ni ralph: 0918-925-1355

  42. iceman9 says:

    well give it to me baby! im waiting! i’ll make u all happy LOL! cheers!!

  43. iceman9 says:

    no offense ha!! im trying to be humorful

  44. Dan says:

    I look for a male masahista in davao who does home serive.please contact me at 09067728899

  45. masahealot says:

    I provide home service massage within Davao City. Service include steambath. I have a portable steam equipment. Only legitimate massage of course, no hanky panky. Steam bath first then the whole body massage. The duration is 1hr and 1/2 and the rate is only P500. Can give discounts to 3 persons and up.

    Blogs, I can give you a free home service massage!

    My number is 09107132333.

    Dan, try my service.

  46. blogie says:

    Hey thanks! Sige, I'll save your number. :)

  47. rommel mark marchan says:

    im a therapist. naga massage ako pred\cision spa dati tapat ng philosopyh and calm,ante spa jan sa ponce st.s near ateneo im on a home service or hotel service with swedish shiatsu combo, 200 only for 1 hour. please call me thru 09228312701. now im here in toril , still on a home service massage.
    im a tesda graduate, pangkabuhayan ,and SRL massage agency for dubai credited.but i finished a.b polsci in cebu city
    i’m expecting your call………and i’ll make your home the best for spa for relaxation……….. marchan

  48. bong says:

    i was in davao 2 weeks ago …. i was able to try bompikoi in bajada … the masahista wasnt good looking … in fact, he had a belly … pero grabe ang erotic massage …

  49. JhanN says:

    Oh, I love massage…. and foot massage is the best. I had tried everywhere but sabai sabai arom has the best 30 minute fullfilling foot massage! My friend owns the palce but there is no bias about my comment.

    • patrick says:

      I am in Davao City for 4 weeks, anyone has the address for sabai sabai arom. Thanks

      • Blogie says:

        Hi Patrick. Sabai Sabai Arom is at the Matina Town Square, in front of the convenience store. In case you don’t know where MTS is, it’s in Matina, across the highway from the Ateneo de Davao Grade School campus.

  50. Blogie says:

    @JhanN — That’s OK. Your comment is very welcome. :)

  51. fred says:

    its really good to undergo massage if you’re tired. it wud make you relax..but it woud be much better if they could offer an “extra service” after relaxing…get it? could you suggest any? of course, those who are good looking….thanks..

  52. brad says:

    I saw this ad in a newspaper. Ive tried thier massage it was VERY GOOD esp thier masseur! but not considering thier masseur, was really suprised with thier massage. They charge for as low as P350 taxi fare is inclusive. Contact this no: 09202823358

  53. boymaldito says:

    looking for a female who provides sensual massage.. davao area plss 09284461970

  54. bing says:

    where is bompikoi ba? lagi kong naririning yan. i plan to try it also. thanks.

  55. Danilo says:

    I am looking for a goodlooking masseur with very good massage service. O9O67728899

  56. jenjoy says:

    hi.. try BALI HAI SPA. (082) 228-6677/301-9156..i recommend agdao branch

  57. Casey says:

    zilica # 31, the thing about ORODERM, matagal n aq customer jan, even my mom monthly visits oroderm for her facial, ngaun lng aq nkarinig ng gnyang issue about them.. Until now continuous prin ung pg.pptreatmnt nmin dun, yet worth it yung binabayd nmin. As of now my last visit is nung wed. lng regarding w/ my new acne, so far mgnda ung result s binigay n treatmnt skin, effective tlga. Hindi nmn ngkrashes or sumthing ung face q. And ung mga skin diseases q, dun q rin pinagamot sknila, wla aqng msabi s nging result. Worth it tlga ibbyad mo. Kya s ORODERM lng aq pumupunta regarding w/ my skin and body. The best tlga!

  58. diego says:

    Under renovation po daw ang Bompikoi, they will resume operations as soon as it’s finished.

  59. Ralph says:

    Hi. to those who have been texting me about my massage service, I’d like to apologize coz i wasnt able to attend to you. I got busy with my training at Davao Regional Hospital as OR nurse.Even on weekends, I have to stay in Tagum in preparation for my Masters degree every Sunday.

    I just need to finish my training and for sure, I will accommodate you all.

    Btw, those who are asking if I render extra service, I dont. Im sorry. I do my job professionally and I intend to keep it that way.I hope you understand.

    Kuya bloggie, thanks for having a site like this…

  60. Thomas says:

    I have had a massage at many different places, and I would have to say that it is not the place that matters but the therspist you get. You might find a good therapist in a crappy place or a not so good therapist in a fancy place. Whenever I went for a massage I would try a different therapist each time. I went though about 25 different therapists before finding one who’s performance far exceeded the rest (no extra service). So if your last massage experience was not as you as you had hoped, no need to find a new location just yet….first try another therapist….

  61. Bart says:

    Hi! Sino may alam na girl na student nagrerender ng massage services , ung exotic or sensual massage please text me this number 09066001675. Thanks

  62. christian says:

    i will be visiting davao and will stay at Syvhar hotel, are there any massage spas near the hotel? are those spas whose massuer giving ES?

  63. centrum says:

    The moment i visited ORODERM clinic in our city. Talagang mag-se-second thought ka if you would want to trust your skin treatment with them kasi mukhang hindi well trained ang mga staff. Tama yong sabi ni Zilica, yung attendant, yon din yong cashier. At hindi marunong mag entertain sa mga needs ng client. Ewan ko…!!! opnion lang.!!

    • minami says:

      sa Oroderm Victoria, yung attendant ko is texting evrytime magvibrate cp nya. kala nya cguro porke may nakatakip sa mata ko eh di ko alam na nagtetext xa, ang lapit kya nya sa akin na khit hininga nya eh ramdam ko..imagine wala din gloves tapos hawak xa sa celphone tapos hawak sa mukha ko to continue giving me facial massage??? tsk tsk…kaimbyerna, yoko lang magmaldita dun, i just told myself i will never again enter oroderm. I think may training naman sila, kulang lang sa discipline at professionalism.

  64. Visitor says:

    Hi, Im coming to davao city this Feb. is there any pretty lady in the city that offers an exclusive travel companion. And how much is the charge….. pls. txt me @ +639396006795

  65. Tina Milan Fuller says:

    Just a piece of advice. Never take the Maligaya Taxi. We've had several bad experiences with their sevice during our visit in Davao CIty. Aside from rude taxi drivers, we've also experienced rude and inefficient phone operators. They have the poorest amongst the services we've encountered when it comes to taxi services. I once rode in a their taxi when I was still in SM Davao heading to NCCC Mall and the phone operator suddenly gave them a heads up on the radio that they need a taxi in GSIS. The driver took it and lied to the operator saying that he is in Mercury street. As far as I know, SM Davao is not in Mercury St. I checked the address in my receipt and it says Quimpo Blvd and I didn't see any Mercury St written in there. I don't know where the hell is Mercury St but it's probably near GSIS coz the driver wanted to take the next passenger. I have also spoken to telephone operators who does not listen carefully to your instructions, are rude in responding to your concerns and above all, are not claiming their mistakes whenever they fail to send you the taxi you've been waiting for. So if you don't wanna be late to your appointments, Never take the Mailgaya Taxi. Such a bad experience. Aside from that, most of their taxis smell like somebody just smoked and they even had poor air conditioners.

  66. JONO GRIG says:

    hi,Im jono can you help me to find the phone# of Mr. Mark Salinas my masseur here in dvo
    I lost my phone in the MRT on manila together with his number, I blog it to you earlies of 2007 or 2008
    I really need his amazing,relaxing n healing massage, your reply is really & heartly appreciated……..

    • joseph says:

      hi Jono – i texted Mark S using the cel of the massage clinic but they replied that he already left February 2010 and that they do not know how to contact him. Were you able to contact him ? If so – pls do pm me at thanks!

  67. jono says:

    Youre an angel darlin’your the buckle on my seatbelt,
    please let me express my gratitude appreciation,thank you very much honey…..

  68. Mhel says:

    Hi I wan to take vacation in Davao. Where can I find the beautiful, sexy and young lady can make joy me after massage?

  69. Jenny says:

    I just adore stumbleupon for being able to show me this web page. instant fan now. I have viewed some definitely poor websites on stumble and when I discovered this, I immediately knew it was excellent! This blogpost is informative specifically for somebody like me haha. I’ve been attempting to read a lot more these days and being able to discover a web page like this can be excellent for my education. Love what you are doing, keep it up!

  70. kione says:

    Do you know of anyone who does "hilot" , more like therapeutic massage minus the smell of efficascent or omega pain killer liniment? I could also do home service but would like the authentic traditional hilot without the spa effect.

  71. jenny lover says:

    hi jenny, can u text me thru this number? 09177012270, love to give you a massage

  72. ron says:

    try niyo amaranthus….. cool at ok naman…

  73. blogiii says:

    does any one knows where in davao i woould get a ashiatsu massage

  74. randy says:

    i have tried the services of MASAHELOT. it was a very nice experience. the the therapist really knows therapeutic massage. i had been suffering from stiff neck and have tried several massage therapist but it only after MASAHELOT THERAPIST healed me. since then, i am a regular customer already. you may also want to try here is the number : 09302403151.

  75. anna says:

    kung sino ung interesadong mag kapera na may kaaalaman ng thai massaGE pwede nyo ba akong turuan..

    • rocky says:

      Hi Anna, If you need someone to train on i will volunteer. 18-22 July 2010. I'll visit this blog on the 17th. thanks

      Thanks Bloggie

      • Blogie says:

        I'm amazed how active this particular blog post has been! This was published in 2007 and yet it's still getting so much attention. Amazing how spas and massages have taken on since then.

        My pleasure, Rocky. :)

    • joy says:

      look for cristian #09305922256

  76. rocky says:

    Sometimes agood massage depends on the massues. Can anyone recommend a place with specific name of massues. I will be in Davao for a week 16-22 July 2010

  77. patot says:

    why not try thai boran…i've heard they are well trained!

  78. patot says:

    thats for you rocky!…

  79. patot says:

    hi…anyone of you here knows where chic and dandy is??

  80. iVANesS says:

    e bat ano bang meron sa chic and dandy?

  81. iVANesS says:

    ang alam ko chic and dandy is sa may cosmopolitan banda. malapit sa gen. luna.
    hi. meron po ba kaung alam na massage parlor where Gwapo ang mga male therapists na naga offer ng sensual massage o extra service. pls.

  82. davaonewbie says:

    one of the first things i did when i got to davao is to look for good massage – pure massage no extras. i have read several reviews of different massage parlors in davao before i came. i went first to bodybliss near marco and near my apartment. i never went back. next i tried asian massage in front of g-mall and i have returned thrice since then. i guess other massage parlors may have to wait before i can write something about them. i go for hard massage and asian massage have satisfied me so far…just sharing…

  83. patot says:

    @ivaness..chic and dandy offer a good massage..was there last 2 weeks and the massage was fine! if your looking for a handsome therapists why not try blue edge spa or amaranthus!

  84. rio says:

    try to call on this #09994932010 she is a free lancer masseuse pretty and intelligent and she heal and relax me and i think she is one of the best masseuse i tried, i her massage is highly recommended

  85. BAY says:

    if you want a therapeutic massage with massage bed and nuga bed. accupressure and accupuncture.
    Try alternative medicine clinic. infront of DSC/Dona Segunda Complex, Ponciano Reyes St. just near the KTMES school…

  86. james says:

    Hi im here in Marco polo Hotel until sept. 28 anyone can send me a number of good sensual massage hotel room service please text 09393250451

  87. james says:

    please text 09393250451 im looking for female sensual massage im here in marco polo hotel

  88. Andre says:

    try nyo rin po ang PACIFIC SPA sa harap ng aldevinco…

    • kim says:

      agree!!!PACIFIC SPA is 1 of the best spa in davao…malinis ang reception area,very accomodating ang staff and they have good services…

  89. Bricks says:

    Tried this guy. He's very good in massage. You can try his services (but he's into wholesome massages only).. BUt it's worth you penny. You can reach him thru this number 09322127613. his name is Hector

  90. bantay lagi says:

    san yung blue edge spa?

  91. Bricks says:

    try nyo si hector. freelance masseur magaling mag massage.. wholesome massage nga lang.. but he's really good.. 09322127613

  92. **, I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information ;-.

  93. Mark says:

    Here at Davao, any home service massage by a female that is sensual? Please hit me up at 09159165117

  94. mark wall says:

    please text 09277053814 im looking for female sensual massage im d Leonor hotel

  95. josh says:

    There`s a new place in Ma-a road, Davao city, Intensity 101 Massage Centre, it is located near Sunny point and Chooks to Go, they offer swedish , shiatsu combi and thai massage. So far ive tried different massage centers and usually they can`t seem to meet my expectations, there are some good but not all the time,until i tried Intensity101, I had truly relaxing massage , staff and therapist are friendly. Since then I dont go anyplace else.Thanks Intensity101 and More Power. n nIf anyone out there wants to try the wonderful massage you can call their number for reservation 082-3026124,

  96. jobong98 says:

    hi, any spas open til late? am arriving vial PAL, ETC 945pm. What time do these spas close?

  97. Lovely Jean says:

    Hello to all readers. My name is Jean, 21 years old. I am a female massage therapist. I do hotel and home service massage. For your massage need, call me through this number: 09426001396.

  98. amerpinoy says:

    i tried NATURES GREEN SPA. at u.m campus matina.10 meters away papasok sa u.m campus arc, n .its quit relaxing,,they have 10 good looking male therapist and female,,mga bata pa,,wow,,i love thier combination massage for only 198…well trained talaga therapist nila,,masarap doon,,after 5 massage free1,, try nyo txt 09205042258…284-06-62

  99. Mae says:

    Hello. my name is MAE, just turned 18. I am new in this service but i gurantee that you will like it. My number is: 0942-600-1396

  100. MASAHEALOT says:

    Im offering a professional massage therapy with a combination of acupressure, reflexology and swedish massage. My number is 0930-240-3151.

    Bloggie, thank you for this. I got more customers through this and they have become regular customers after trying my service.

  101. bryan says:

    I’m looking for female masahista with extra service, contact me 09399390072, tnx

  102. joy says:

    HI i visit davao last week before i back here in hong kong and i meet a good and exellent masseur he relax me so much when i was in mandaya hotel together w/ my dad…. and my god hes really cute….
    here hes #09305922256 i wish to have massage alone w/ him when i come back there in davao

  103. arthur says:

    meron bang pwd magmassage sa akin,im male 20 yrs old.Gusto ko yung male therapist lang.yung gwapo tska magaling!

  104. kris says:

    i saw a bompikoi branch in agdao… bago ba to? sino nakatry? ano meron dito?


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